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Toronto Hip-Hop Artists Shoot Extreme Video in Anchor Bar


Remember Abdominal and the Obliques? Last fall, the Toronto hip-hoppers cooked up a tribute to the Buffalo chicken wing.

And now, they have released the music video! Complete with footage of the Anchor Bar. Warning! Danger! This is extreme, explicit food porn. It is enough to make Michelle Obama faint. 

One viewer on YouTube writes: "Hands down the most mouthwatering video I have ever seen."

Another is more direct. "I want wings ... NOW."


An electrifying story from the Erie County Fair


Just the way everyone hears a Beethoven symphony differently, each in his own way, so is the Erie County Fair experience unique to every person. In today's News Buzz writes about our experience with pigs, heifers and the Parking Lot exhibit. We also love the story in today's News about the couple who have been going to the Erie County Fair every year since the 1950s.

Our friend Ryan Lysarz has his own particular spark.

Ryan hit the Erie County Fair yesterday. He was watching the Indian dancing, entranced -- Ryan is of Mohawk heritage -- when his attention was diverted.

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You, Too Can Ride the Crystal Beach Cyclone


The story about the Fantasy Island Silver Comet and the old Crystal Beach Comet brings back memories of stories we have heard about the old Cyclone at Crystal Beach. The Cyclone's steel was recycled into the Comet.

Buzz used to hear from our dad how wild the Cyclone was. It took us till now really to understand what he meant. Because there is a video on YouTube that lets you ride it, virtually.

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The Man Who Really, Really Wants to be Family Court Judge

Crapsi... has to be Paul Crapsi, pictured at left, seen pressing the flesh at both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Pine Grill Jazz Reunion, held two Sundays in a row at Martin Luther King Park.

Crapsi is a Democrat running for Erie County Family Court Judge. He made the rounds of big concert/picnic with his little daughter in tow, handing out flyers.

Two hot Sundays in a row, shaking hands as saxophones blared, yelling over the din of risque blues lyrics! ("Stoop down, mama, let your daddy see/You got somethin' down there, mama, somethin' that been worryin' me...")

This is the kind of dedication that transcends political boundaries.

If he gets on the ticket, he has earned our vote!

The Animal That Could Eat the Erie County Fair

Reindeer, our foot.

It looks as if they've got Bullwinkle back there!

Fair 002


15 Things Not To Do At the Erie County Fair

Love this sign at the Erie County Fair, which just opened:

2013-08-08 fair 004

Addiction Leads To Embarrassment

CouponIt is humiliating to admit but Buzz is addicted to CVS's Magic Coupon Machine, pictured at left.

Every few days we just have to check to see if it has new coupons for us! Sometimes it gives you freebies, like pop or nail polish or something. Other times it offers some kind of discount but you have to strategize a little in order to get something free or at deep discount. You know those little games you play that brighten your day? This is one. It is like Soduku only you wind up with pop or nail polish or whatever.

So. This morning we stop at CVS. And there is this guy sort of loitering in the parking lot. Perfectly normal, this being within the Buffalo city limits. And he holds the door open for us and says good morning and smiles at us, not unusual because we are wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt and a yellow skirt, plus green nail polish we got courtesy of the Magic Coupon Machine. People have been smiling at us all morning!

Then he says: "Your name is Mary, isn't it?"

"Yes," we said, thinking: Aha, so he recognizes us from the super-popular Buzz column and Buzz Blog! Perhaps he even read it this morning!

Then he says: "You work here, don't you?"

Hahahahaa! Hopes of local celebrity, dashed.

"No," we said. "We just come here a lot." 

God knows how he knew our name, you know? That is one question we have not answered.

On the other hand, this is Buffalo.

Buffalo Radio Legend Mistaken For British Knight

Loquacious legend and Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame inductee Shane Brother Shane ...


... was at a gas station the other day, gassing up the ol' WYSL MYSL, when a couple got out of an SUV and approached him.

"Are you Sir Ian McKellen? he asked. "My wife says you are."

Sir Ian McKellen ...


... having never cracked Top 40 Radio, Shane had no idea who he was. He said no.

The gentleman then asked, "Have you ever been told you look just like him?"

"No," said Shane. Never at a loss for words, he hit them with a swashbuckling torrent of them: "As a kid heard Eastwood, then I heard Crocodile Dundee everywhere! Lately I hear a lot of Jean-Luc Picard, but I don’t know your guy, sorry.” 

On the Waterfront, Strings ... and More Strings

Ruins 011

 There is nothing like hanging out at the Ruins of a summer evening, enjoying a glass of box Lake Niagara wine and the impressively synchronized singing of the Canal Street String Band.

"About 150 years ago, Canal Street was like Chippewa Street," guitarist Dave Ruch told the crowd. Hahahaa... that is putting it kindly!

The band was smoking, as they say, which turned the Ruins into the Smoking Ruins.

It started out small with Ruch joined by Jim Whitford and City Fiddle Phil.

Then Mark Panfil came up with his harp.

Then Doug Yeomans came up with his guitar.

Then Cathy Carfagna came up with her accordion.

Then Gretchen Banaszak, City Fiddle Phil's wife, came up with her fiddle.

All these people kept joining the band! And nobody ever left!

Buzz's brother George, who was there with us, said: "Eventually we'll be sitting here by ourselves, looking at this enormous band."

Could happen! 

Whoever is up on stage, though, the musicians stay true to their mission.

"This material will be a little modern for this band," Ruch apologized, introducing one number. "It was written in the 1920s."


Hell And Damnation in Downtown Buffalo

Pinegrill 005


It has been a long time since Buzz heard a good old-fashioned street preacher. And a terrific one was holding forth just now on Main and Division streets downtown.

His voice blasted operatically down the block even though he had no megaphone. He had a good captive audience in the dozens of people waiting for buses.

The best thing is, he actually shouted "Repent!" as preachers are supposed to.

"Repent! Repent! Prepare for the King of Jerusalem!" he thundered.

"Hell is not some place where you shake hands with the devil and say, 'Hey, it's nice to meet you!' " he roared. "The worm dieth not! And the fire is never extinguished!"

At one point he declaimed: "You think I want to be here? I don't want to be here! I would rather be home playing my Xbox!"

Buzz apologizes that the picture is not more distinct but the preacher was shy and did not want to give his name. We asked him after he left off preaching. However he did tell say he was from the Seneca Babcock area. And we learned he comes from Charity Baptist Church in Black Rock.

Thank you, Charity Baptist, for letting us borrow this preacher for a day! And a most modest preacher at that.

"I didn't want to be here today," he reiterated to Buzz. "I would rather be home with my Xbox."

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