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Singing the Blues at the Pine Grill Reunion

Lyrics are on our brain, lyrics that bluesman Ray Schinnery sang at the Pine Grill Reunion, Sunday night in Martin Luther King Park. That is a taste of his artistry above! But really, if you were not there last night, you should have been. Take it, Ray!

"Party on Saturday, church on Sunday, then your fun is over, back to work on Monday. I'm here to tell the whole world/Ain't that the blues!"

Ha, ha!

Ain't that the truth!

Other words we liked:

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Next Time You Have To Take Off Your Shoes At The Airport...

Vengerov... consider the case of the dapper Siberian violinist Maxim Vengerov, pictured at left. 

Vengerov has played all over the world, including in Buffalo. He is a respected violinist. And still!

He was crossing a border in Europe and had to open his violin case at an airport so officials could see what was inside.

And not only that, but he had to play it!

Apparently the officials did not believe it was his violin, and that was his only way out of the situation. Ha, ha! What if they didn't believe that Buzz owned our laptop? Would we have to write something on the Buzz blog while they watched, to prove it?

Airports just get more and more entertaining!

You can read Maxim's story and see pictures on British critic Normal Lebrecht's blog.


It's the Tiny Things That Make the Eden Corn Festival Great

The Eden Corn Festival gets big by thinking small!

They have at the festival, this year, the World's Tiniest Woman ...


... And the World's Smallest Horse.


Bet you did not know that. You had to read the small print. Sorry, had to crack a corny joke!

Speaking of which, Eden's corn is so great that, as an Eden friend points out, the festival has no need of corn pone, corn fritters, corn dogs, corn chips, corny pick-up lines or the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Just corn on the cob! 


Flash Mob Invades Waterfront

Flowers 001

OK, so it's a flash mob of petunias, so what?

Flower Power!

Burma Invades Italy

BocceBallsIt had to happen: Multiculturalism has come to the Italian Festival.

Buzz's colleague Emeri Krawczyk points out that sponsoring the Bocce Tournament is ... brace yourself ... Sun Burmese & Thai Cuisine.

The Bocce Tournament, of all tournaments! Where are the Italian restaurants?

Not that Buzz has anything against Thai or Burmese cuisine. Au contraire. Cheers to Sun Burmese & Thai for stepping up to the plate. Our plate, to be specific. Also we thank them for giving us another story about someone invading something. We already had Cattlemen Invade Buffalo. 

One more invasion, and this is a trend!

Cattlemen Invade Buffalo


 Last night the lounge of E.B. Green's in the Hyatt downtown was full of cattle marketers here for the AgMedia Summit, a convention that starts today. They talked shop as Jackie Jocko played.

You would not think of Buffalo as the typical grazing ground for such a summit, but we are! That was the impression we got from talking with conventioneer Kent "Jake" Jaecki. It was funny, Jake Jaecki and Jackie Jocko, both in the same room.

Jake said AgMedia searches out cities that are mid-sized big, as opposed to way big and too expensive. Last year they met in Albuquerqe, N.M. Other years they have met in Indianapolis, Ind., and Kansas City, Mo. Now there is a cattle town, Kansas City. But the grass is apparently just as green in Buffalo. AgMedia's summit here has the slogan, "Just Wing It."

The ranchers have been having a great time winging it so far, Jake said.

"Downtown is amazing," he drawled. "The difference in architetecture! It's so eclectic. We thought Buffalo was going to be more industrial and blue-collar. But it's way more friendly than other cities."

It sure looked as if he personally was having a great time!

We heard him tell Cindy the bartender: "Honey, you and Ah are going to become good friends this week."

Jake comes from Oklahoma City, hence our picture up above of Oklahoma cattle. (We lifted it from the Oklahoma Farm Report. Don't have a cow, man!) His friend Diane, who spent a lot of time on the piano bench with Jocko, comes from Texas. She was tall and good-looking as Texas women are, with tons of sparkling jewelry.

Jake said: "She's the only friend Ah have who's been to both mah marriages and all three of mah divorces."

Jocko said: "Do all your exes live in Texas?"

What nice people.

This is one convention that won't steer us wrong!

City Hall's Scariest Public Servant

Because, unlike some of our public servants ... it tells the truth!

Scale 005

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