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The Man Who Really, Really Wants to be Family Court Judge

Crapsi... has to be Paul Crapsi, pictured at left, seen pressing the flesh at both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Pine Grill Jazz Reunion, held two Sundays in a row at Martin Luther King Park.

Crapsi is a Democrat running for Erie County Family Court Judge. He made the rounds of big concert/picnic with his little daughter in tow, handing out flyers.

Two hot Sundays in a row, shaking hands as saxophones blared, yelling over the din of risque blues lyrics! ("Stoop down, mama, let your daddy see/You got somethin' down there, mama, somethin' that been worryin' me...")

This is the kind of dedication that transcends political boundaries.

If he gets on the ticket, he has earned our vote!


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