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You, Too Can Ride the Crystal Beach Cyclone


The story about the Fantasy Island Silver Comet and the old Crystal Beach Comet brings back memories of stories we have heard about the old Cyclone at Crystal Beach. The Cyclone's steel was recycled into the Comet.

Buzz used to hear from our dad how wild the Cyclone was. It took us till now really to understand what he meant. Because there is a video on YouTube that lets you ride it, virtually.

It must have been a lot more scary in person, but even on a video screen, you can get the idea.


Aiiiiieeee! One thing jumps out right away as scary: the way the track climbs and twists and dips suddenly, high in the air, sometimes with no railing on the outside side. There is just this fragile-looking track and you can see through the slats. It must have felt like those unpleasant old hairpin turns on top of the old Wild Mouse, only far more terrifying.

The Cyclone clearly flipped you around a lot more than than the Comet. It turns you on your side for significant stretches and the track flips and twists and zooms off on strange and unpredictable angles.

You can read a marvelously vivid account of the ride by a Canadian serviceman. Buzz posted this before, but it's always worth another read.

Now, let's all try it. All aboard!

Turn the sound down. The guy who made this video unfortunately put music with it. Try to imagine that clickety-clack wooden coaster sound.



That is one way to liven up a mundane Monday.

The Crystal Beach Comet and the Silver Comet at Martin's Fantasy Island are both out-and-back coasters, sprawling designs. The Cyclone was a twister.

A real twister!


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