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Two Heads of '80s Hair Are Better Than One

We start this week with a feeling of well being because not only have the Bills carried off a massive victory, but we were visited last week by two classic heads of '80s hair.

One was Sarah Brightman, whom Buzz beheld at UB's Center For the Arts.


The other, Bernadette Peters, whom Buzz had the honor of seeing at Kleinhans Music Hall. Here is the exquisite and exclusive Buffalo News photo, taken by Harry Scull:


What marvelous manes! Having them both here within days of each other is rare, like a solar eclipse.

Clearly Buffalo's planets are lined up right!


Step Right Up For Tour of Seedy Old Chippewa Street

Everyone is outside today, but when you are home, do find time to enjoy this collection of photographs of the old Chippewa Street, the Chippewa Street when it was the red-light district.

You see the old House of Quinn, the Fisherman's Wharf, all these seedy old places, the hotels of ill repute, and all the signs saying "Girls Girls Girls."

Buzz is trying to figure out whom to credit for this Red Light Special but it is posted on YouTube under a fake name. When we figure it out we will give credit where credit is due.

And now, without further ado ...


The Mystery of the China Star


By Mary Kunz Goldman

A friend loves China Star, a Chinese restaurant on Sheridan Drive, and so she called the other day to order takeout. The first thing she did was ask for the scallion pancakes.

"We don't have scallion pancakes," she was told.

"But you had them two weeks ago," our friend protested.

"Sorry, we have no scallion pancakes," the answer came back again. Thinking something might be lost in translation, our friend moved on.  She ordered lo mein with broccoli, and vegetable tofu soup, and General Tso chicken. The bill came to $35 and she arranged to come pick it up in an hour.

At the appointed hour she shows up and ...

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Western New York's Most Challenging Parking

Ub 002

By Mary Kunz Goldman

Last night, heading out to UB to catch the extravaganza show by Sarah Brightman, Buzz timed things so we would get there an hour early. UB had sent out an advisory saying that there were a number of events going on at the same time, so allow extra time.

When UB sends out an advisory, things are bad! Because normally things are bad anyway and you get no advisory.

So, we get there, we basically park in Ohio. Way down near Millersport. It was pointless to try to get into any lots closer and what the heck, we needed the walk. On our trek to the Center For the Arts, we passed this beauteous police building pictured above. We had parked so far that we were seeing buildings we had not known existed!

Now comes the real adventure.

Because of deadline pressure we left the concert before the encore, "Time To Say Goodbye," was quite finished. We flew down the long, winding road from the Center for the Arts, past Augspurger Road, past the beauteous police building, down to the distant lot. At least we found our car. It was not like at the Erie County Fair. But --

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UB Welcomes World's Most Expensive Water Bottle


The Dreamchaser Water Bottle at last night's Sarah Brightman concert at UB's Center for the Arts was $25!

And people were buying it. Plus the $70 sweatshirt!

That concert lived up to its name.

Buzz must be dreaming!

Amherst House Can Talk

Jon Rosen, the Snyder gentleman who owns Jon Rosen Systems, went over to a neighbor's house to help them get ready for a move. In a crawl space in the basement they found this written on the wall:


This being the Internet age, the story does not end there. Jon put the picture up on Facebook. And the house's former owner, now living in Texas, immediately got in touch!

"I can't believe you found my note!!!" Holly Kirkpatrick Whiting wrote from Dallas. "I wrote it when we moved my mother to Asbury Pointe around seven years ago. I couldn't bear to walk out and not leave some note about who had built the house. Thanks so much for sharing!"

It turns out that her sister was Facebook friends with Jon's sister.

The house's adventures continue. Buzz hears that it has just been sold to Liesl Folks, the new dean of the UB School of Engineering.

Engineers have an eye for interesting buildings!

Weird Garage Sale This Weekend


 On Page B9 of today's print edition of The Buffalo News, under "Garage Sales":

TONAWANDA TWP., 164 Kenview, across from Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Fri.-Sat., Sept. 27-28, 10-6.

Cereal, dog & cat treats, mouthwash, Efferdent, toothbrushes, coffee, tea, Kool-Aid, peanut butter, mustard, A-1, Worcestershire, barbecue & hot sauces, Bayer Extra Strength & low dosage, men's and women's shavers & body wash, laundry, bar & dish soap, crackers, candy, gum, soup + regular garage sale treasures.

Love that bit at the end, "+ regular garage sale treasures."

Hmmmm. Either ...

A.) someone is into Extreme Couponing, or ...

B.) someone is filching things across the street from behind the scenes at Kenmore Mercy, or ...

C.) 164 Kenview is a Rite-Aid.

Buzz might just have to go over there, just to find out.

'Terribly Monday'

MondayBuzz has usually weighed in on the Buzz Blog long before now but the day got in the way.

It is Terribly Monday!

That phrase came from our Pilates teacher at the Buffalo Athletic Club. The class is only 45 minutes long but they pack a lot into it and today there was a lot of grunting and groaning, mostly on the part of the gentlemen. (Ladies tend to suffer in silence.)

The teacher described the day as terribly Monday! And later, when we were all lying on our mats like dead people, we were all quoting it to each other.

"It would make a great name for a band," one woman spoke up.

"I think so too," the teacher said.

Presenting ... Terribly Monday!

Luckily we hear it only once a week.

The King of Queen


It was great fun last night, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's tribute to Queen. There is one thing Buzz keeps laughing about but it was too difficult to describe in the review.

It was something singer Brody Dolyniuk did. Can you get over that name, you know? You have to keep looking it up just to get it right. Everyone has a right to be proud of his ethnicity but in this case, a stage name is justified. Look at Freddie Mercury, that was a stage name. We are just saying.

But anyway.

Dolyniuk, center in the picture above, was sort of filling the shoes of Freddie Mercury -- sort of, meaning, he put his own spin on it. What he did that cracked us up, he jumped down from the stage and sat down in the seats, among BPO patrons. Then he raised his arms straight up, exultantly, fists in the air, the way rock singers do.

Ha, ha! Everyone cracked up, seeing that. Hard to put your finger on, but so, so funny.

It was a very funny show, come to think of it, as well as a very loud one.

It will echo in our memory!


The Ultimate Church Barbecue

Meth church

Buzz's buddy Ryan Lysarz saw this sign today. If you hurry you can still get to this picnic.

What kind of a church is this, anyway?

Whatever, it sounds like quite the event!

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