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Be Hip! Be Cool! Be a Beer VIP


Buzz has reveled before in how Buffalo is a VIP town.

There are new opportunities for VIPs in Buffalo Beer Week, which, like a heavy, fast-rolling barrel, is approaching fast. For starters, the Ballpark Brewbash is on tap for 4 p.m. Saturday at Coca-Cola Field.

Ordinary enrollment in the Brewbash is impressive enough. Over 40 craft brews will be poured for your delectation, and there will be a chili cookoff and a pig roast. For $35, you get 20 tasting tickets, plus the opportunity to buy more for $1 each. Ha, ha! Only in Buffalo would that provision be necessary. 

And only in Buffalo would you have Beer Tasting VIP tickets!

If you upgrade to VIP status, for $75, you get to sit inside Pettibones.  A petty distinction, perhaps, but think of it, being able to look down on the rank and file in the ballpark. Plus, as a VIP, you can taste over 20 other rare beers and craft ales unavailable to your brethren below.

Organizers warn: "There is a limited quantity of these tickets."

For the true Buffalo beer drinker, Buzz thinks the investment would be worth it.

Why be just the guy on the next barstool?


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