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The Last Desperate Day of Summer


The problem isn't that the temperatures will soon be falling. Buzz likes the fall, with the cider, and the stews, and the yummy Oktoberfest ales.

The problem is that today is the last day you can officially wear your summer clothes!

So what if the clouds are gathering. Buzz is running around in a retro sleeveless pink dress with a bow in the back. Ridiculous any time of year, but in a couple of days it will be prohibitively ridiculous.

A colleague on another floor is sporting an outrageous Hawaiian shirt.

Technically you can still wear summer duds to Curtain Up! tonight. And we plan to.

Seize the summer clothes!

Seize the day!

Counseling Agency Has Comic Touch

2013-08-23 river road 005

Stressed out? Depressed? Anxious? It might help just to walk past Brightside Counseling on River Road in North Tonawanda. You do not even have to walk in!

They really do look on the bright side!

In case you need a closeup:

2013-08-23 river road 003

Big Improvement at Kleinhans Music Hall


What with all the excitement surrounding the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's opening gala Wednesday, one piece of good news went unmentioned. And it should be mentioned.

The size of the lower-level Ladies Lounge has been doubled!

That is the entrance to the Lounge pictured above on this esteemed Buffalo architectural website. The hall was flush with rumors before the concert even started. "They knocked out a wall," someone said. Buzz, zipped precariously into a skin-tight evening gown, went tripping daintily downstairs to see what we could see. And lo, it was true.

Most mysteriously, the additional, ahem, stalls looked as if they had been there forever. As if the lounge had always been this way!

Oh well. It is like a Mozart symphony.

God knows exactly how it was constructed but we rejoice that it is there!

Laugh-In With Yo-Yo Ma


If Yo-Yo Ma ever gets sick of the cello, he can be a stand-up comic. He has the charm, the low-key delivery, the whole shtick.

At the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's season-opening gala Wednesday night, Ma sauntered out on stage before his performance just radiating an egalitarian sense of fun.

"Has anybody seen a cello?" he cracked, gesturing toward the empty space next to the podium where he would shortly be performing. "This is so embarrassing," he added.

He then said his job was to speak for the Argentinian composer Osvaldo Golijov, whose concerto he was going to be playing. To "channel" him, he joked.

"I don't look Argentinian," Ma said. "But I could be."

Exiting the stage, shortly to return, he paused to shake the hand of a nearby musician. 

Stopping to gladhand! We love this guy!

In Yo-Yo Ma's honor, every soloist this season should come out before the concert to do a little stand-up.

It should be a requirement!

Be Hip! Be Cool! Be a Beer VIP


Buzz has reveled before in how Buffalo is a VIP town.

There are new opportunities for VIPs in Buffalo Beer Week, which, like a heavy, fast-rolling barrel, is approaching fast. For starters, the Ballpark Brewbash is on tap for 4 p.m. Saturday at Coca-Cola Field.

Ordinary enrollment in the Brewbash is impressive enough. Over 40 craft brews will be poured for your delectation, and there will be a chili cookoff and a pig roast. For $35, you get 20 tasting tickets, plus the opportunity to buy more for $1 each. Ha, ha! Only in Buffalo would that provision be necessary. 

And only in Buffalo would you have Beer Tasting VIP tickets!

If you upgrade to VIP status, for $75, you get to sit inside Pettibones.  A petty distinction, perhaps, but think of it, being able to look down on the rank and file in the ballpark. Plus, as a VIP, you can taste over 20 other rare beers and craft ales unavailable to your brethren below.

Organizers warn: "There is a limited quantity of these tickets."

For the true Buffalo beer drinker, Buzz thinks the investment would be worth it.

Why be just the guy on the next barstool?

Falls Casino Shows Artist in Her Underwear

Teacher, teacher, we declare, we see Diana Krall's underwear!

She should sue!

Someone apparently sneaked into her dressing room and snapped her in her, ahem, foundation garment. Either that or she had a little too much of that Frim Fram Sauce and walked out on stage mistakenly without her blouse, and a photographer took advantage.

Whatever, Niagara Fallsview Casino is using the picture to promote her concerts there in early October.



Tall Ships Under Fire on Buffalo Waterfront

Remember the Tall Ship sitting beneath Buzz's window?

This morning it was under fire!

It was challenged by Buffalo's historic fireboat, the Cotter. The Cotter, in what Buzz could only assume was a show of strength, came trundling up with all its water jets going full blast, just the way it was in this picture from the Dyngus Day website, only way worse.


As we watched wide-eyed, the Tall Ships were obscured by mist and spray.

You got to love the Cotter for guarding its turf against other antique ships.

That is so Buffalo!

Find the Hidden Tall Ship

Here is not the best picture but the most unusual picture you are going to see of the Tall Ships visiting Buffalo. Well, it is one of the Tall Ships. It is hunkered down in the drizzle.

Ship 019

Can you see the ship? If you click on the picture you can see it better.

It is like playing "Where's Waldo?"!

Here is a hint. The ship is on the river between the second posts of the Skyway (counting from the left) and the orange crane.

It is the view from Buzz's window. Yesterday we heard cannon fire and that was how we knew when the Tall Ships arrived.

And this is funny: A co-worker heard the big booms and said, "What's that?"

Buzz, busy snacking as usual, said without really thinking, "Cannon fire."

Then we both went back to our work.

Party like it's 1799!


Pasta Party Screams 'That Is So Buffalo!'


The 90th anniversary party at Chef's, pictured above in a photo by The News' Harry Scull, shows this town's greatness more eloquently than any art or architecture could ever do. 

First, the street is blocked off! A pasta party that needs to block off a downtown street demands respect right off the bat.

The faithful gather. Owner Lou Billittier tells The News: "We've got about a thousand people."

The cake is so big and so elaborate that it has to be protected by dry ice.

The lectern is an ice sculpture.

Fireworks are set off by hitting a "detonator."

AND ....

Continue reading "Pasta Party Screams 'That Is So Buffalo!'" »

The Ghost of AM&A's

We don't remember seeing these before!

Bigblue 005

This is on the back of the AM&A's building, on the west side of Washington Street, beneath the scaffolding that is over the sidewalk. The inscription on the left reads: "Ask the women who sew with Vogue."

Bigblue 018

Every once in a while you glimpse past glories.

You have to keep your eyes open!

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