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Buffalo Bills? Fiddle-dee-dee

OK, we are mixing our movies, so what. Jazz singer Mari McNeil shares this Facebook picture following the Bills' loss:


Kindred spirits chime in:

"I couldn't tell you five players on the Bills, but I could tell you ALL the Iron Chefs!"

"I was wondering how it would be the post play-by-plays of a concert. They are killing it! Go Buffalo Philharmonic! Way to go, string section!"

And our favorite (from a guy, too):

"I enjoy football Sundays because I can go grocery shopping and to the gym and know that both places will be empty."


Rare Photo of DJ Reunion



Buzz's new friend "Doctor John" Bisci, voice of Club 747, passes along this picture of himself and his fellow disco DJs gathered for a charity reunion, the Hustle for a Cure Charity Event at First Niagara Center on Friday night.

Priceless! If this is not a clip-and-save picture Buzz does not know what is.

This explains Doctor John's stealth flight into Buffalo.

Thing like this do not happen by accident!

Disco DJ Makes Stealth Trip Back to Buffalo


Adding sparkle to this rainy Buffalo weekend is "Doctor" John Bisci, the DJ of the long-gone disco Club 747, immortalized in the above video. Bisci now lives and works in Las Vegas and he was in town on business. 

Doctor John is not to be confused with the bluesman Dr. John! Originally, Bisci told Buzz, he worried when he was told to take that name, because the New Orleans bluesman already had it.

Then he reasoned that the musician Dr. John's real name is Mac Rebennack. In any case, Dr. John from New Orleans has been gracious and has never protested.

Bisci had to take a nickname, he said, because all the deejays back then had nicknames. There was Charles "Captain Disco" Anzalone, Charlie "CC" Cimino and someone else he mentioned to us who went by General Mills, hahahaha!

We liked how Bisci, who is now pretty dapper (he's at right, under the banner, in this pic)...

2013-08-23 comet 017

... sees the humor in the situation.

He said: "The first night I announced I was Doctor John, I was laughing so hard."

The Jaded Amusement Park Operator

2013-08-23 comet 003

Fantasy Island is open for a few more weekends and Buzz hit the park yesterday. There is so much that is fun about this park.

The classic water fountain pictured above (note the Buffalo News box, one of many sprinkled throughout the park). The bumper cars with their music by the Electric Light Orchestra. The pirate show!

Somehow we ended up on the Mega Disko, a weird spinning ride. The kids wanted to ride it. But our nephew George Henry, boarding it, had second thoughts.

"If I scream, can you stop the ride?" he asked the operator.

She shook her head.

Buzz, trying to be entertaining, spoke up.

"He can scream pretty loud," we told her.

She rolled her eyes.

"I hear it all day, every day," she sighed.

Church Preaches To the Choir

Buzz joined the choir and this sign went up.

2013-08-23 comet 036

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