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Pasta Party Screams 'That Is So Buffalo!'


The 90th anniversary party at Chef's, pictured above in a photo by The News' Harry Scull, shows this town's greatness more eloquently than any art or architecture could ever do. 

First, the street is blocked off! A pasta party that needs to block off a downtown street demands respect right off the bat.

The faithful gather. Owner Lou Billittier tells The News: "We've got about a thousand people."

The cake is so big and so elaborate that it has to be protected by dry ice.

The lectern is an ice sculpture.

Fireworks are set off by hitting a "detonator."

AND ....

Danny Thomas, host of WKBW's "Rocketship 7," arrives with a police escort!

Is this a great town or what? Yes, and it is even heaped with parmesan cheese!

You may, if you dare, view a gallery of this great event here.

The natural question:

What is Chef's going to do for its 100th?

All we can think is they are going to butter up Buffalo, slather it with sauce and cheese, and thrust the whole city under the grill!


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