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The King of Queen


It was great fun last night, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's tribute to Queen. There is one thing Buzz keeps laughing about but it was too difficult to describe in the review.

It was something singer Brody Dolyniuk did. Can you get over that name, you know? You have to keep looking it up just to get it right. Everyone has a right to be proud of his ethnicity but in this case, a stage name is justified. Look at Freddie Mercury, that was a stage name. We are just saying.

But anyway.

Dolyniuk, center in the picture above, was sort of filling the shoes of Freddie Mercury -- sort of, meaning, he put his own spin on it. What he did that cracked us up, he jumped down from the stage and sat down in the seats, among BPO patrons. Then he raised his arms straight up, exultantly, fists in the air, the way rock singers do.

Ha, ha! Everyone cracked up, seeing that. Hard to put your finger on, but so, so funny.

It was a very funny show, come to think of it, as well as a very loud one.

It will echo in our memory!



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