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The Mystery of the China Star


By Mary Kunz Goldman

A friend loves China Star, a Chinese restaurant on Sheridan Drive, and so she called the other day to order takeout. The first thing she did was ask for the scallion pancakes.

"We don't have scallion pancakes," she was told.

"But you had them two weeks ago," our friend protested.

"Sorry, we have no scallion pancakes," the answer came back again. Thinking something might be lost in translation, our friend moved on.  She ordered lo mein with broccoli, and vegetable tofu soup, and General Tso chicken. The bill came to $35 and she arranged to come pick it up in an hour.

At the appointed hour she shows up and ...

... no order!

 China Star knew nothing about it!

There was consultation in Chinese, then an English-speaking staffer appeared, delivering good news: They didn't have the order, but the kitchen could make it all in 10 minutes. As the young woman pointed to the menu, Buzz's friend saw scallion pancakes. Obviously they had them. How could this be?

"But I don't understand," she said. "I phoned this order in only an hour ago. I talked to someone. Who was it?"

The woman at the counter shrugged and shook her head. Quizzically, she pointed to the phone number at the bottom of the menu.

Suddenly a light went on ...

... in our buddy's head.

There are two China Stars!

Both have their fans.


The other, older, China Star is on Hertel Avenue. In her haste in Googling the China Star, she had phoned the wrong one. 

Bravely, she called the Hertel Avenue China Star. Her order was ready, they said. Where was she, they wanted to know. Alas, she could not make it there and had to apologize profusely. God love the China Star on Hertel -- though they weren't happy about her mistake, they were gracious.

The moral of the story: Keep your China Stars aligned. There is  China Star at 4001 Sheridan and China Star at 1565 Hertel.

Our friend felt bad.

She had had a China Star-crossed day!



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