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Weird Garage Sale This Weekend


 On Page B9 of today's print edition of The Buffalo News, under "Garage Sales":

TONAWANDA TWP., 164 Kenview, across from Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Fri.-Sat., Sept. 27-28, 10-6.

Cereal, dog & cat treats, mouthwash, Efferdent, toothbrushes, coffee, tea, Kool-Aid, peanut butter, mustard, A-1, Worcestershire, barbecue & hot sauces, Bayer Extra Strength & low dosage, men's and women's shavers & body wash, laundry, bar & dish soap, crackers, candy, gum, soup + regular garage sale treasures.

Love that bit at the end, "+ regular garage sale treasures."

Hmmmm. Either ...

A.) someone is into Extreme Couponing, or ...

B.) someone is filching things across the street from behind the scenes at Kenmore Mercy, or ...

C.) 164 Kenview is a Rite-Aid.

Buzz might just have to go over there, just to find out.


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