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Western New York's Most Challenging Parking

Ub 002

By Mary Kunz Goldman

Last night, heading out to UB to catch the extravaganza show by Sarah Brightman, Buzz timed things so we would get there an hour early. UB had sent out an advisory saying that there were a number of events going on at the same time, so allow extra time.

When UB sends out an advisory, things are bad! Because normally things are bad anyway and you get no advisory.

So, we get there, we basically park in Ohio. Way down near Millersport. It was pointless to try to get into any lots closer and what the heck, we needed the walk. On our trek to the Center For the Arts, we passed this beauteous police building pictured above. We had parked so far that we were seeing buildings we had not known existed!

Now comes the real adventure.

Because of deadline pressure we left the concert before the encore, "Time To Say Goodbye," was quite finished. We flew down the long, winding road from the Center for the Arts, past Augspurger Road, past the beauteous police building, down to the distant lot. At least we found our car. It was not like at the Erie County Fair. But --

We could not get out!

Sarah Brightman had just sung that it was time to say goodbye and yet we could not!

People had just parked everywhere! On the lawns. In illegal parking spaces. On roads blocking other roads. There was one space we thought we could squeeze out but we worried we would scrape the other car. There was a tiny bit of wiggle room in the other direction but that would have involved driving over grass and down a curb directly into Millersport traffic.

The story ends with a miracle. Someone parked near to us came out and left by backing over some grass. Buzz did likewise, exiting through the space he had vacated. We drove over the grass, down a small curb and were out.

All's well that ends well ... but gee!

What is UB doing scheduling three big events at the same time if they can't accommodate the crowds?

All those PhDs out there.

Why don't they think?


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