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If Dash's Bought Budwey's ...


It has been 24 hours now and the calamitous news of the sale of Budwey's is still sinking in. Just now we were staring at the picture of Frank Budwey, disbelieving.

We never even knew what Frank Budwey looked like. He looks younger than we would have expected. And it is no accident he was photographed by the meat counter. Budwey's is famous for their meat. The packages can be messy! But there are great bargains.

What if the Kenmore Avenue Budwey's is bought by Dash? That is the rumor flying around. It is great how: "Joseph Dash, owner of Dash's Markets, could not be reached for comment."

Should that happen, here is an idea for the old Dash's Market on Hertel, which would then be vacant.

How about it become a food co-op? Not the Lexington Food Co-op, which has become too upscale and expensive for our tastes. But a food co-op like the old place that the Lexington Food Co-op used to be?

Cheap beans, pastas, cheese, produce, grains, coffee beans, tofu, herb teas, etc., piled in bins and tubs and baskets, with a hippie sitting there at the checkout, people hanging around, and a boom box playing Old and In the Way?

Now that's what we would call a super market!


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