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Meteorologist Finds Halloween Forecast Foggy


Meteorologist Don Paul writes today on Facebook:

We're still looking "less wet" for the Trick or Treat hours of late Halloween afternoon & early evening, when drier air will thin out the widespread showers to just a few. While temps will be mild--60s, a stiff wind will take some of the edge off that warming. 

He got this response:

"aw darn the poor kids but it's oct we know it can happen even with snow on Halloween."

Don goes ahead and gets into it. Buzz loves when weather forecasters do that.

I don't get your post. There is zero chance of snow this Halloween. What I posted was actually somewhat positive, not negative.

Memo to Don Paul: As one editor once said to Buzz, "People can't read." 

p.s. About that zero chance of snow, better change that zero chance to 1 percent chance.

Never say never!


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