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Three Cheers for the Bus Driver


Busy day, no time to continue the Buzz Blog until now! However ...

What calm in the day, this morning!

Such a bucolic ride on the Metro Bus! The driver, when we boarded, bade us good morning. "Good morning," Buzz replied, smiling.

Our fine modern state-of-the-art buses have robot voices announcing the stops, but this driver filled in, announcing the lesser stops. “Nottingham Terrace. Nottingham Terrace,” she murmured, into the mic. “Forest Avenue. Forest.” “Lexington Avenue.”

We know she was from Buffalo – we heard her briefly on the phone, making plans to go after work for a fish fry. And the robot blasted in now and then.

Still ... such politeness! And so welcome, in your crowded day, you know?

As we exited, we thanked her, the angelic bus driver.

"You're welcome," she said. "Enjoy your day.”

Three Little Words, Buffalo Style

Had to pass this along, just had to. It was posted on Facebook by Kiss 98.5 but came to our attention because -- and we love this -- it was "shared" by Les Trent.


Les Trent, of Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame fame, works for CBS's "Inside Edition" and lives and works now in the New York City area but we get the idea he will always be a Buffalonian at heart.

His comment on the picture was: "OMG ... I just teared up a little bit!"


If Dash's Bought Budwey's ...


It has been 24 hours now and the calamitous news of the sale of Budwey's is still sinking in. Just now we were staring at the picture of Frank Budwey, disbelieving.

We never even knew what Frank Budwey looked like. He looks younger than we would have expected. And it is no accident he was photographed by the meat counter. Budwey's is famous for their meat. The packages can be messy! But there are great bargains.

What if the Kenmore Avenue Budwey's is bought by Dash? That is the rumor flying around. It is great how: "Joseph Dash, owner of Dash's Markets, could not be reached for comment."

Should that happen, here is an idea for the old Dash's Market on Hertel, which would then be vacant.

How about it become a food co-op? Not the Lexington Food Co-op, which has become too upscale and expensive for our tastes. But a food co-op like the old place that the Lexington Food Co-op used to be?

Cheap beans, pastas, cheese, produce, grains, coffee beans, tofu, herb teas, etc., piled in bins and tubs and baskets, with a hippie sitting there at the checkout, people hanging around, and a boom box playing Old and In the Way?

Now that's what we would call a super market!

Ode To Trader Joe's

Though others flock to Trader Joe's,

With Buzz they're out of luck!

We'll stay away, until the day

They carry ...


Two-Buck Chuck!

(May be sung pompously to the tune of "Auld Lang Syne.")


Brown Booby Frustrated In Efforts To Spot Rare Human


From the Brown Booby's human-watching journal:

Awk! Awk! I really must be as stupid as they say.

I make my once-in-a-lifetime human-ing trip up to Buffalo and all I see is the same darn people I've been seeing back home in Florida!

Buffalo Bills fans! They are down in Florida too. I added the Buffalo Bills Fan to my life list when I was still a chick. You can't fly 10 feet without running into one of those.

The Tufted Backwards-Baseball-Cap-Wearing Youth, he is so common!

It's my first time this year for the Tweedy UB Professor. But it's not as if he's exotic or anything. As a matter of fact that professor quoted in the story about me in The Buffalo News, I saw that exact same guy in Florida, looking right at me.

No goal! That is a quaint expression I hear in this Great Lakes town. 

Why are rare humans so hard to spot??

The Best Thing Ever Said By an Opening Band


Last night at the Tralf Music Hall, Family Funktion and the Sitar Jams -- the band of brothers opening for Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band -- won our heart with their closing remark. 

One of them -- we think it was the sitar player, Naryan Padmanabha -- told the large and roiling crowd: "Obviously you're going to stick around."

Ha, ha! We love self-deprecating humor and that is a classic. We are now a Family Funktion Fan.

In other words: Obviously we're going to stick around!

Terrapin Station Knows What You Did Last Summer


Thinking about Melvin Seals at the Tralf tonight got us thinking about Terrapin Station which had a poll about what was the best thing about summer. It is too late to vote. The polls are over with, just like the summer! But you can enjoy their findings.

I'm loving it all, whatever comes: 27 %.

Laughter, sunshine and gratitude: 7.4 %.

Checking out the free music everywhere: 6.4 %.

Twirling in my big skirt: 3.2 %.

Hanging out in the parks: 1.1 %.

Mixing new hookah flavors: 7.4 %.

Playing my guitar and singing: 11.5 %.

Oh, heck! Here we were all looking forward to fall and Christmas and this poll was just too funny. Now all we want is summer.

Sunshine daydream!

Concert Presents Fashion Dilemma


What do you wear to the Melvin Seals concert? It is a big question and a thing to be concerned about.

Melvin Seals is playing at the Tralf Music Hall tonight.

"It's like Halloween," says one friend. "You feel you should go in costume."

Will you be able to find your Grateful Dead hoodie?


Perhaps you should call in sick to work or cut class and get crafty.



You know how Terrapin Station is always telling you to stop in and say Hi?

This could be the day!

The Best Thing About This Cold, Rainy Monday ...

2013-10-07 beach 025

... is waking up with sand in your bed!

Buzz went to Beaver Island yesterday. We took the picture up above as the sun was going down. Funny to have the sun going down early, and the temps being in the 80s, or whatever they were. We had just taken our last dip for the day.

Swimming, in October! What a treat that was. And there were only four or five other people at the beach all day. Just a couple of couples, strolling past with their dogs and their kids, all in a kind of daze. "Unbelievable," they said, shaking their heads. "The air! Incredible!"

Gotta love Buffalo.

You never know what to expect!

Charleston, S.C., Pays Bubbly Tribute To Buffalo

Buzz's cousin Gretchen is on vacation in Charleston, S.C. and took this picture at the Charleston City Market. 

Buffalo wing soda

No Goal, we say. You know how you can tell it's not authentic?

It should be Buffalo Wing Pop!

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