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Rare Photos of Jacquie Walker Surface On Internet


As Jacquie Walker celebrates 30 years with Channel 4, she is being toasted and roasted.

Steve Cichon, former news director for WBEN-AM, helpfully posted the picture above. He says it dates to the late '80s and features, left to right: Van Miller, Jacquie, Bob Koop, Carol Jasen and Ted Textor.

The gracious Jacquie herself posted this picture which we hope she will not mind us sharing.


Colleagues are chiming in.

The perpetually youthful and stylish Doris Jones, who like Walker is a member of the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame, writes: "Congratulations to one beautiful lady... inside and outside. You look as young as ever -- always perfectly groomed and a real talent." 

Shane Brother Shane, the greet deejay, writes with his trademark eloquence: "Wish I could have been with you, every step of the way, Chipmunk."

And speaking of eloquence, the great Mike Randall, who in August celebrated 30 years with Channel 7, wrote his congratulations, adding: "30 years at one station!?! what are you nuts!!"

Downtown Deli Responds To Government Shutdown

Airborne Eddy of Forgotten Buffalo snapped this picture at City Hall.


More Ghosts Appear at AM&As

In October it is fun to explore matters of the supernatural. And so it is with pleasure that we note more mysterious figures being uncovered on Washington Street, on the walls of AM&As.

Remember the first ghost?

Here is another.

Am&as 003

"Around the corner," that reads.

And another! This apparation appears to date from 1950.

Am&as 001

Ghosts clad in important fall fabrics!

Am&as 004

A fleeting sight, beneath the scaffolding over the sidewalk.

Catch them while you can!

The Squamp Thing

Pumpkin 003

We should have bought this! It stole the show today downtown at the Main Street farmers' market.

Here it is in a still life with the Two-Headed Carrot.

Pumpkin 001

The Illustrated Story of the China Star


The story in today's Buzz column about the mystery of the China Star grows even more mysterious in the expanded version with pictures. (Click on that link.)

Subsequent to that telling, one person has told Buzz that there are millions of China Stars. The China Stars are as numerous as the stars in the sky!

Another friend told our friend: "I hope you got your pancakes."

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