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Three Cheers for the Bus Driver


Busy day, no time to continue the Buzz Blog until now! However ...

What calm in the day, this morning!

Such a bucolic ride on the Metro Bus! The driver, when we boarded, bade us good morning. "Good morning," Buzz replied, smiling.

Our fine modern state-of-the-art buses have robot voices announcing the stops, but this driver filled in, announcing the lesser stops. “Nottingham Terrace. Nottingham Terrace,” she murmured, into the mic. “Forest Avenue. Forest.” “Lexington Avenue.”

We know she was from Buffalo – we heard her briefly on the phone, making plans to go after work for a fish fry. And the robot blasted in now and then.

Still ... such politeness! And so welcome, in your crowded day, you know?

As we exited, we thanked her, the angelic bus driver.

"You're welcome," she said. "Enjoy your day.”

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