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A Ride on the Happy Metro Bus


Remember the Metro Bus driver Buzz loved, who announced all the stops? We got her again this morning. This time she outdid herself!

"Happy Friday," she told us when we boarded in the howling winds. 

As we made our way down the bus aisle another passenger repeated the greeting. "Happy Friday!" he told us.

So there we are, beaming and telling people "Happy Friday!" Our morning was looking up!

The bus driver's good cheer continued as we rolled down Delaware Avenue. "Whoooo!" she would wail when the bus shook in the wind. "The wind is strong if it blows the bus around!" She added: "I'm going to get some overtime tonight. New drivers don't know how to deal with winds like this. Fine with me!"

The clouds gathered. "We're going to have a snowstorm," the driver predicted.

She cheerily gave another driver the horn when the driver cut her off.

"What kind of person in a little car would cut off a bus?" she said.

Then she went on to philosophize: "People who drive little two-seater cars are selfish. They don't want to give anyone a ride! They don't want to take you grocery shopping. Oh, no, they don't!"

The passengers all laughed, Buzz joining in.

The driver added: "And God forbid you got a friend that weighs 180 pounds."

More laughter. This was like Helium!

"Anyone remember Mr. Bean?" the driver asked. When no one answered she persisted. "Come on. Anyone on this bus remember Mr. Bean?"

Buzz spoke up from our seat in the back of the bus. "I do, yes."

"Remember Mr. Bean and his little car? He would get into that little car."

Hahahaha! That shows what the driver was talking about. It is one funny clip. Especially the end.

But not as funny as our ride on the Metro Bus!



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