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The Christmas Ornament from the Black Lagoon

In the spirit of Jerry Darlak, God rest his soul, Buzz is doing our Christmas shopping at the liquor store this year. With which, we walked into a Kaisertown wine shop.

And what to our wondering eyes should appear but a representative from Bacardi Rum, offering tastes. We sipped a bit of coconut rum. We left with a warm feeling and a Bacardi ornament that the rep handed us. So nice! Merry Christmas to you, too!

Then we opened up the box and looked at the ornament.

We can't hang this on our tree!


It looks satanic! Like a demon!

Apparently those folks at Bacardi have guzzled a bit too much of their wares. Otherwise they might have thought of a little silver rum bottle, or ... wouldn't a parrot be tropical? Even a "yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" pirate would have been OK, if he wore a red and green bandanna.

But a bat? Or a gargoyle, whatever this is?

Oh well. 

It's the thought that counts.

What You Need to Know About the World's Largest Disco


The bulletins that come out regarding the World's Largest Disco -- it is whispered that organizer Dave Pietrowski writes them himself -- are almost as entertaining as the big blowout itself (pictured above in a shot from the World's Largest Disco's whirling and glittering website).

The disco is sold out, and it is Saturday, and as we get down to the wire, the news releases get more and more lively, just like the atmosphere at the party when you're about to hear "YMCA."

Recent excerpts:

On smoking:  "There will be 2 policemen in each bathroom (men’s and ladies). Violators will be arrested, ejected & prosecuted. Smoking doesn’t make you a bad person, smoking illegally at our event and offending others does make you one."

On the coat check:

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Buffalo Thanksgiving Music Video Goes Viral


We speak, of course, of "It's The Most Buffalo Week of the Year," performed by cabaret legend Guy Boleri and the guy Buzz married, Howard Goldman. Click here to hear it.

It is the musical version of the cover story in today's Spotlight section on how Thanksgiving weekend reveals our city's psyche. The photos are great. Love the shots of Luna. And the World's Largest Disco.

Everybody sing!


Food Magazines' Hypocrisy Exposed

Buzz was just going over our new Cooking Light and it is all about, ahem, plants. Eat plants! That is the new buzzword.

And we are thinking: It is funny how food magazines are always throwing Meatless Mondays at us and telling us to go meatless. Because you know who is getting all that yummy  chicken and salmon?

Our pets!

Every issue has these ads for dog and cat food. The one in this Cooking Light, it is just one of many. I cannot believe some ad agency got paid to design it. It is this Devil Dog!


"Feed them like family." But we're not supposed to be meat first. Or grain-free.

Our dinner has gone to the dogs!

HSBC Tower Closing Costs Buffalo Important Collection


The emptying of the HSBC Tower comes at a cost to downtown. That is because Ahmed Alhadhari, above, the snack seller who will be forced to vacate, was the curator of a significant collection of diet pop.

Buzz considers ourself something of a sommelier of diet pop, and we have congratulated Alhadhari on his cellar. At last count, which was last week, his offerings included Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Pepsi With Wild Cherry (connoisseurs savor the subtle difference between the two); Diet Squirt, Diet Mountain Dew and the rarely encountered Diet Vernors. We have come to love these treats all the more since people have been trying to tell us they are bad for us.

All our friend Ahmed needed to make his collection truly world class would have been some Shur-Fine Diet White Birch Beer and some bottles from the exclusive Diet Polar line -- Diet Grape, Diet Orange Dry and Diet Polar Half and Half. 

Alas, so close.

And now, so far!

A Victorian Ode Upon the Buffalo Bills


Lynn Shaftic-Averill, of Kaisertown, has a scholarly interest in both British poetry and the Buffalo Bills. And never the twain shall meet, you ask? How little you know Buffalo.

Shaftic-Averill, caught up in Sunday's game against the New York Jets, posted a poem. She began: "With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, I am compelled to write..."

That is Elizabeth Barrett Browning pictured above. Ahem:

How do I love the Bills?

Let me check the score. 

I love the pass defense, the coaching calls, Byrd's interceptions 

The Jets' defense breach'd when field goals the wild winds do tame, 

And to the Jets, we put the screws and pains.

The Ultimate Buffalo Bills Snack

Our friend Ryan Lysarz, who shares Buzz's good taste in food, alerts us to this delicacy you can make following instructions from Hillshire Farms.

It is a Lil' Smokie in a football outfit!


The helmet is an olive.

It must be made, in time for the next Bills game.

And dipped in blue cheese!

The Card To Send to Folks Who Blast Buffalo

Masterpiece seen at the WNY Book Arts Center ...

Downtown 045

... and we love how it's displayed next to a Thank You card.

Buffalo Sabres News Proposed For School Curriculum


Nothing stirs the soul like the sight of men discussing hockey, as above in The News' video examining the Buffalo Sabres' big news today.

No wonder Buffalo comedian Mark Saldana posed this question on Facebook: 

"Can I show my 2nd grade class the Sabres press conference citing it as a 'major historical event'?"

Why not?

It sure looks like one to us!

The Big Macaroni and Cheese Truck Question


Buzz loves living in Buffalo where it is front page news that there is a macaroni and cheese food truck in town. Seeing that headline over the words "The Buffalo News" in this morning's paper made our day!

That is it pictured above. It is called Fally Mac. Which begs the question:

How could proprietor have resisted calling her business ...


The Mac Truck?

As in, "Man, my diet was going great, and then I got hit by this Mac Truck."

These folks shouldn't worry about being cheesy!


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