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Radio Traffic Reports Exposed As Sham


You know those radio traffic reports? Sure you do. On talk radio, every time the conversation gets interesting it is interrupted by a traffic report -- often lengthy and detailed, complete with drivers phoning in. As if we lived in Manhattan!

Yesterday Buzz trusted the traffic report.

We thought that for once, because no one else was working, we could make it on the 190 from downtown to Tonawanda, where there is this Pilates class we like (OK, maybe we don't like it, but we need it). Normally we would not attempt this trip because gas is so expensive and we would have to leave work super-early to get to this class on time. But because it was Veterans Day, maybe the traffic would not be that bad. Plus, surely we could catch a traffic report. 

As we started our car, the WJYE, the Christmas station, goes on. This is embarrassing, but we have one of our car buttons set to it. The station is giving the traffic report. It says the 190 is clear both ways, no problem at all getting out of downtown.

Then what happens?

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New York Times Praises Actress' Buffalo Accent


Love this New York Times review of a 2012 production of Tom Dudzick's "Miracle on South Division Street." A Buffalo production of the play opens Friday at the Kavinoky Theatre.

The Times reviewer writes in the last paragraph: "The players are all very comfortable in their roles — Ms. Cosgrave gets the most laughs — though only Ms. Zazzi has the hard A of the Buffalo accent nailed."

The Buffalo "A" is a most elusive talent!

Alas, the rest of the cast gets an "A" only for effort.

"A Chorus Line" Legend Recalls Marvin Hamlisch

Donna"One Singular Sensation," the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's tribute to Marvin Hamlisch, had a lot of singular moments, as well as a few sensational ones. One memorable interlude came when Donna McKechnie reminisced about creating the role of Cassie in "A Chorus Line."

McKechnie, left, joked around about what happened when Marvin Hamlisch wrote "her song" for the show. The time was running out before the show was going to open, and she was excited when he announced he had written it.

She said he handed her the score and laughingly asked, "Can you sight read?"

And the song was, initially, a problem to sing! McKechnie mimicked herself trying to sing it.

Her solution to the song's difficulty, or should we say, impossibility?

She wanted to tell him, "Don't you think it's a little range-y?" but did not. You did not tell Marvin Hamlisch how to do his job.

Instead, she told us, slowly: "You breathe and pray and you trust that being the genius he is, he will rethink this."

The packed house burst out laughing. Breathing and praying add up to the secret to a lot of success in life, you know? It worked for McKechnie.

We note that McKechnie has a book out, "Time Steps."

It is starting to sound like a Buzz must read!

New Jersey Dog Displays Buffalo Behavior

Buzz's sister Margie, who lives in New Jersey, came downstairs and found the family dog running around like this:


Margie wrote: "I came downstairs and she was running around the house with the box in her mouth!" She added: "I guess it would've been funnier if it were full."

Bet the dog wishes that too.

She is taking Mayor Griffin's advice about staying home with a six pack!

Different Artists, Same Hairstyle

Looking through the latest Gusto, dreaming of the weekend, Buzz can't help but be struck by Sinead O'Connor, on the cover...


... and Macklemore, on the next page. That is Macklemore on the left in case you do not know your rappers.


OK, Macklemore has a little more hair, and he strikes as a lot more fun. But they pretty much share the same look, you know?

First the bald pianist.

Now this!

Tea-d Off Buffalonian Gets Outpouring Of Sympathy


A friend got angry at the Republic of Tea when she bought a Hibiscus Coconut blend, took it home, tried it, disliked it and found it contained Stevia.

Stevia is a sweetener she did not want and she had not noticed it because it was in the fine print. And so after pawning the tea off on Buzz, who will drink anything, she emailed the Republic of Tea to complain.

She got an email back addressed to "Citizen" and her last name.

The Republic of Tea was recognizing her as a citizen!

The Republic offered her a replacement tea for the one that she bought and deplored. This is what is known as Tea and Sympathy.

With a twist! The message was signed:

Best Sip by Sip Regards,

The Minister of Information.


Library Opens Stunning New Special Collection


We saw it shining on the main floor of the downtown Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.

The Book Nook!

It is the little second-hand book shop. They used to have this room, remember, where you could buy de-accessioned books. But for inexplicable reasons they closed the little book shop a couple of years ago.

Now it is back, this time called The Book Nook. It is off the main lobby in the Magazine Room.

It is just one column of shelves plus a cart but we hope it will grow.

It is a new chapter!

They're Putting the Tree Up

Vinnie 004

The Buffalonians shouldn't be up!

They are putting the tree up at The Buffalo News. That is it pictured above!

And at St. Vincent de Paul on Main Street, where workers were scurrying around this morning with tabletop trees and strings of lights. By the way here is a picture of Vinnie D's world-class tchotchke collection, so you may begin your Christmas shopping early.

Vinnie 002

It is never too early for Christmas as far as Buzz is concerned. For instance today we cheered the First Christmas Cookies Being Baked By a Rock 'n Roll Artist.

Election Day, the new start of the Christmas season.

You may eat!


BPO Guest Pianist Splits Hairs


Russian pianist Yakov Kasman, who played Prokofiev last weekend with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, not only has great chops, he has a great sense of humor.

The Buffalo News, while praising the performance, had fun pointing out the difference between Kasman's style and the style of the guest conductor, Arild Remmereit. Remmereit wore formal tie and tails, while Kasman opted for more casual clothes. Remmereit, with his long, shining blond hair, was something of a showman, whereas Kasman was bent over the piano like an accountant bent over his desk.

The News gets a email from Kasman. He wrote good-humoredly: "I think you forgot to mention in this music review that I am bald in a contrast with the conductor."

And he signed it: "Jakov Kasman, Accountant."

A Ride on the Happy Metro Bus


Remember the Metro Bus driver Buzz loved, who announced all the stops? We got her again this morning. This time she outdid herself!

"Happy Friday," she told us when we boarded in the howling winds. 

As we made our way down the bus aisle another passenger repeated the greeting. "Happy Friday!" he told us.

So there we are, beaming and telling people "Happy Friday!" Our morning was looking up!

The bus driver's good cheer continued as we rolled down Delaware Avenue. "Whoooo!" she would wail when the bus shook in the wind. "The wind is strong if it blows the bus around!" She added: "I'm going to get some overtime tonight. New drivers don't know how to deal with winds like this. Fine with me!"

The clouds gathered. "We're going to have a snowstorm," the driver predicted.

She cheerily gave another driver the horn when the driver cut her off.

"What kind of person in a little car would cut off a bus?" she said.

Then she went on to philosophize: "People who drive little two-seater cars are selfish. They don't want to give anyone a ride! They don't want to take you grocery shopping. Oh, no, they don't!"

The passengers all laughed, Buzz joining in.

The driver added: "And God forbid you got a friend that weighs 180 pounds."

More laughter. This was like Helium!

"Anyone remember Mr. Bean?" the driver asked. When no one answered she persisted. "Come on. Anyone on this bus remember Mr. Bean?"

Buzz spoke up from our seat in the back of the bus. "I do, yes."

"Remember Mr. Bean and his little car? He would get into that little car."

Hahahaha! That shows what the driver was talking about. It is one funny clip. Especially the end.

But not as funny as our ride on the Metro Bus!


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