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BPO Guest Pianist Splits Hairs


Russian pianist Yakov Kasman, who played Prokofiev last weekend with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, not only has great chops, he has a great sense of humor.

The Buffalo News, while praising the performance, had fun pointing out the difference between Kasman's style and the style of the guest conductor, Arild Remmereit. Remmereit wore formal tie and tails, while Kasman opted for more casual clothes. Remmereit, with his long, shining blond hair, was something of a showman, whereas Kasman was bent over the piano like an accountant bent over his desk.

The News gets a email from Kasman. He wrote good-humoredly: "I think you forgot to mention in this music review that I am bald in a contrast with the conductor."

And he signed it: "Jakov Kasman, Accountant."


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