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Radio Traffic Reports Exposed As Sham


You know those radio traffic reports? Sure you do. On talk radio, every time the conversation gets interesting it is interrupted by a traffic report -- often lengthy and detailed, complete with drivers phoning in. As if we lived in Manhattan!

Yesterday Buzz trusted the traffic report.

We thought that for once, because no one else was working, we could make it on the 190 from downtown to Tonawanda, where there is this Pilates class we like (OK, maybe we don't like it, but we need it). Normally we would not attempt this trip because gas is so expensive and we would have to leave work super-early to get to this class on time. But because it was Veterans Day, maybe the traffic would not be that bad. Plus, surely we could catch a traffic report. 

As we started our car, the WJYE, the Christmas station, goes on. This is embarrassing, but we have one of our car buttons set to it. The station is giving the traffic report. It says the 190 is clear both ways, no problem at all getting out of downtown.

Then what happens?

We get on the 190 -- and there are all these taillights backed up, same as usual, only worse. Soon we're at a halt.

It was bumper to bumper all the way past the Scajaquada!

What in the world??

So we make our tortured slow way down the 190, our hopes for our class evaporating. Eventually the Christmas station gets to be a bit much with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Carol of the Bells" and we switch to WBEN-AM. And they are giving the traffic report.

And WBEN says, too, that it is totally clear on the 190. No problem at all! Traffic moving smoothly, la la la la la la la.

We are sitting there in the middle of this huge long traffic jam, listening to that! 

Somewhere around the Scajaquada we did find out what the problem was. A truck, surrounded by cones and flares, was stopped in the right hand lane. After that, the traffic did begin moving smoothly.

Meanwhile, stuck in the car, all we could do was shake our head.

You have to laugh, you know?




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