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Tea-d Off Buffalonian Gets Outpouring Of Sympathy


A friend got angry at the Republic of Tea when she bought a Hibiscus Coconut blend, took it home, tried it, disliked it and found it contained Stevia.

Stevia is a sweetener she did not want and she had not noticed it because it was in the fine print. And so after pawning the tea off on Buzz, who will drink anything, she emailed the Republic of Tea to complain.

She got an email back addressed to "Citizen" and her last name.

The Republic of Tea was recognizing her as a citizen!

The Republic offered her a replacement tea for the one that she bought and deplored. This is what is known as Tea and Sympathy.

With a twist! The message was signed:

Best Sip by Sip Regards,

The Minister of Information.



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