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What You Need to Know About the World's Largest Disco


The bulletins that come out regarding the World's Largest Disco -- it is whispered that organizer Dave Pietrowski writes them himself -- are almost as entertaining as the big blowout itself (pictured above in a shot from the World's Largest Disco's whirling and glittering website).

The disco is sold out, and it is Saturday, and as we get down to the wire, the news releases get more and more lively, just like the atmosphere at the party when you're about to hear "YMCA."

Recent excerpts:

On smoking:  "There will be 2 policemen in each bathroom (men’s and ladies). Violators will be arrested, ejected & prosecuted. Smoking doesn’t make you a bad person, smoking illegally at our event and offending others does make you one."

On the coat check:

"On a cold night, we check in excess of 4,000 coats." Yikes! "When retrieving your coat you must have your claim ticket. If you lose your ticket , you will have to retrieve it on Monday." Buzz once had to retrieve our coat on Monday.

Best of all, on the papparazzi: "We are pleased to announce that several local TV stations and National Cable TV Networks will be in town filming the event. By purchasing a ticket, you have given us consent (see back of ticket) to use your image, likeness, etc in connection with any live or recorded audio or video, photograph, publication or transmission of our event.

"Translation: if you're cheating on your significant other at the event, your mother-in-law may be watching!"



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