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19 Degrees, Feels Like 2 Degrees, And Still, And Still ...


... running out to our car freezing, Buzz just saw someone in shorts.

Ambling down Scott Street, la la la la la.

We quick snapped a picture and if you click on it to blow it up, you will see that it is true.

A wonderful New Year's Eve sight!

When the Bills Hit Home Too Hard

Hey, sure we missed the playoffs, but it's only a game!


This story comes from The Buffalo Evening News 100 years ago this week. Happily, the situation seems to have worked itself out OK. So we can forgive ourself for comically misunderstanding the headline.

Who could help it?


New York State Dominates List of Haunting Abandoned Places


At last, a list in which New York State may excel!

Our state makes quite the showing in "The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth."

There is a roofless Seneca Lake farmhouse that sits by a yard full of abandoned cars. And an asylum built in 1869 in Willard. Got to have an asylum in there, you know? People are always picking on asylums, especially writers who cannot use apostrophes correctly. (As we say here in Buffalo, we are just saying.)

There is Bannerman Castle in Pollepel Island, N.Y. How can we not have heard of this place?

City Hall Station in New York City is beautiful.


So is an abandoned Domino Sugar factory in Brooklyn.


Other sites include Pripyat, Ukraine, abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and a scary-looking hotel in North Korea, just so you see what we are up against here.

The competition is keen.

We are world class!


Law Office Dons Its Gay Yuletide Apparel

Xnow 024

A big Wassail Award to the law offices of Doran and Murphy at 1234 Delaware Ave. When it comes to Christmas spirit, this office has other law offices licked.

Making your columns into peppermint candy sticks is such an obvious idea, but a rare sight.

Buzz took this fleeting picture from the bus, which we took to be safe in the snow. That is the bad news for Doran and Murphy. No personal injury business from us, at least not today.

All the same, they have our admiration!

A Strange Sight in Kaisertown


Why are we worrying about the Buffalo Athletic Club when it is Christmas Eve? 

Today's Buzz column tells the tale of a group of carolers' adventures in Black Rock. The adventure continued last night in Kaisertown. Above is a pic taken last night on a Kaisertown street corner of attorney Patrick Krey, his wife Jennifer and their two proper Victorian sons, Harry and Frank.

The carolers, who also included jazz singer Mari McNeil and Forgotten Buffalo's Airborne Eddy, sang in the Kaisertown branch library, in front of a house that looked as if it belonged to the Griswolds (nobody came out, even after three vigorous verses of "Joy To the World"), and at Wiechec's Lounge, where half the crowd filmed the singers on their iPhones and the other half looked the other way. 

Most memorable was "Adeste Fideles" in Latin at a Pakistani deli, after which the proprietor, laughing, generously offered water and pop.

God rest ye merry, gentlemen!

With the Buffalo Athletic Club Sale, History Takes a Hit

Postcard bac

As a Buffalo Athletic Club member, Buzz has a particular concern -- our only concern, actually -- regarding the club's sale to L.A. Fitness.

We are worried for the downtown location.

The BAC at 69 Delaware has an august history. Buzz's uncles have told us what it was like decades ago when it was an actual club. Gentlemen stored their clothes there and drank and dined -- and, yes, smoked -- in its dining rooms. Buffalo native Leonard Pennario, the internationally renowned concert pianist, used to ascend the club's marble steps when he was in town and go there. All kinds of important men did. It is one of the last surviving venerable Delaware Avenue clubs.

Even in recent years, the downtown Buffalo Athletic Club had a kind of exalted nature that lingered in spite of the crummy music and the cheap membership specials. You could walk on a treadmill and listen in as judges and lawyers discussed their cases. Buzz has rubbed elbows with all kinds of interesting and influential people including Judge Penny Wolfgang, Judge Curtin (he was in our Pilates class a few years ago), community activist Samuel Herbert and the artist and attorney LeRoi Johnson. 

There is also that beautiful pool, left over from more luxurious years.

This is the kind of brand that even bone-headed marketing has not been able to kill. It will be a shame to see this club lose its name and forfeit its history. It is a loss to the town.

Oh well. It seems something at the BAC has turned upside down.

The dumbbells are now in charge!


The Fryer's Table


Casey's Tavern, at 484 Amherst St., is not the type of place to have a website or a Twitter account or anything else modern and glitzy. But it has something more wonderful.

Stopping in Sunday night, Buzz was told it was Fryer's Night.

We thought the bartender said "Friar's Night." What, were they playing host to the Christian Brothers? Then we realized it was "Fryer's Night." As in, nothing but fried food!

Beautiful and simple. We thanked God and ate fries and wings.

As the waitress said: "Nothing like fried goodness."

Turn, Turn, Turn: Your Loved One's Ashes, Made Into a Vinyl Record


Here is a new spin on mourning.

We hear in a roundabout way -- from the business site Springwise -- of a new initiative by a company called And Vinyly that allows you to eschew the traditional urn and go instead for a more emotional way of preserving your loved one's ashes. As Springwise explains it: "The service allows anyone to have a loved one's ashes pressed as a working record, where it can be accompanied by music, the sound of their voice or simply left blank -- allowing the pops and clicks to provide an audio representation of the ashes."

Already we are buried in questions!

What if the record were misplaced, could it wind up being resold at Record Theatre?

What music would you choose if it were your ashes? (Jeff Miers, The News' pop music critic, confessed he might opt for Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue.")

Could you be a 45? Could your spouse be on your B side?

What if ....

Continue reading "Turn, Turn, Turn: Your Loved One's Ashes, Made Into a Vinyl Record" ยป

Big Fat Restaurant Coupon Alert


Alert, alert, $25 coupon for E.B. Green's at the Hyatt in the print edition of Gusto today, alert.

The coupon is on p. 19.

Grab it before it goes into the recycling! 

Use it to go hear Jackie Jocko.


Woman Pays $500 Fine For Shooting At Husband

This was the news 100 years ago! The Buffalo News has a display where they show the paper from 100 years ago and this caught our eye.

The woman was shooting at her husband in a crowd of spectators. 

Have to love how it is just this tiny item. On the front page, sure, but not anywhere near the top.

Life was wild 100 years ago!

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