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Why Popeyes Chicken Didn't Cross the Road


Men see inside the minds of fast-food restaurants as women do not. And Howard, the guy Buzz married, offered insights into why Popeyes Chicken opened at the location it did, at 2160 Elmwood Ave.

It functions as a drive-through for all the guys coming out of Home Depot! Home Depot is at 2100 Elmwood and they virtually share a parking lot. Could any location be better?

Popeyes Chicken is simply following the laws of nature.

It is like the bird that sits on the back of the rhinoceros, feasting on the ticks on the rhino's back and the insects the big beast stirs up as it grazes.


It is like the sea anemone which feeds off the byproducts of nearby algae.


So it shall be with Popeyes Chicken and Home Depot.

They will feed off each other! 

Christmas Time in Buffalo Is ....

Elmwood 012

Being picked up by the No. 20 Elmwood bus, its sign flashing "Happy Holidays," in front of Voelker's Bowling!

That was what Buzz did this morning after our car went into the shop for the second time this week. Which is fine with us. Who wanted to be driving in that rush hour this morning? The mechanic was trying to see if he could fix it on the spot and Buzz was edging out of the garage, murmuring things about work and deadlines.

Who needs the car? After the last few days?

You can keep it, buddy!

The bus was big and safe and warm. Someone got in our way and the bus driver gave him the horn. Unchallenged, we trundled down Elmwood. Buzz took pictures of the snowy cityscape. That is one of our masterpieces up above. Inside the bus, a poster advertised the Irish Festival ...

Elmwood 015

... that took place on the waterfront in August.

Life on the Metro Bus, it is like a parallel universe.

Merrily we roll along!


Buffalo's Funniest Priest

StinkSunday morning, foolishly trying to drive to church in the snow, Buzz got stuck not once but twice and had to be dug out both times by Good Samaritans. But that is another story for another day.

Today's story involves where we ended up, which is at St. Mark's, a church we prudently slogged to on foot. The church was full and we soon saw one reason why:

Their priest, Father Joseph Rogliano, is like Denis Leary without the obscenities!

His homily, about how we all shouldn't be so busy this time of year, riffed on his Christmas shopping struggles. One nephew loves a video game called "Sky... Skylander?" the priest said. "They have names I'm gonna share. The one he wants is Stink Bomb. Of course that's the one you can't find anywhere," he declaimed, as the audience -- er, congregation -- roared.

A niece had similar wants. "I'm tired of looking for Cheerleader Barbie, I will tell you that. I finally found her on eBay. Is $200 a lot to pay?"

Is getting stuck in the snow a lot to pay for enjoying these laughs? We think not!

Sunday, we were blessed!


A Big Buffalo Welcome

Buzz's cousin was in Orlando, Fla., where it was 87 degrees and she flew back to Buffalo last night with no boots and no coat, just a cape.

This is how the Buffalo airport greeted her.

LOL, it looks like the moon!

Welcome home!


In a Buffalo Snowstorm, If You're Not Doing Doughnuts ...

... you're eating them!

Behold two folks in South Buffalo, heading to Tim Horton's in shorts.


BPO Shatters Doughnut Record; Broadway Singer Awestruck


The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's concert this morning, the first of four Holiday Pops performances, shattered attendance records for Coffee Concert. More significantly it shattered doughnut records.

Buzz asked for the figure and it is in: 160 dozen doughnuts, donated by Budwey's.

Let us do the math. 160 times 12 is 1,920 doughnuts.

A Google search reveals that doughnuts average out to about 300 calories each. Hmm, not as high as we had thought! We are glad we did not deny ourself. Even so, though, when you add up all those doughnuts the number is impressive: 576,000 calories consumed.

Broadway singer Michele Ragusa, Buffalo native and guest star, emerged clearly awed.

"I've never said 'Good morning' at a symphony concert before," she said.  "We're all jazzed up on sugar and caffeine and ready to go!"

The crowd roared. Michele added: "I know I am!"

It was reported that Kleinhans Music Hall sank three inches into the ground from the weight of the accumulated caloric consumption.

This is what's called a heavy program!


Priceless Experience at the Broadway Market

 The pleasures of stopping by the Broadway Market of a winter morning:

Bargain baked goods at Chrusciki's: $1.

Broadway 004

Horseradish from Wanda Skup: $2.99 to, oh, $6.99, we forget.


Vintage Christmas ornaments at Theresa's Treasures, $3.

Broadway 019

AND ...

Hanging out at Lewandowski Produce griping about the government with people you don't know, including one with a rare, vintage authentic Polish East Side accent: 



The Holiday Gig From Hell

A certain Buffalo singer has a gig coming up for a local business group at a local country club. The organizers request two hours of seasonal music -- but no mention of Christmas ...


... or Santa Claus ...


... or even holidays.

What to do??

Well, there's "Winter Wonderland."

"That's right," our singer friend said. "And ....?"

Yikes, even most 96.1 Joy FM standards don't qualify. "Frosty the Snowman" might be OK. And "Jingle Bells." And "Let it Snow."

Beyond that you are on thin ice. Even "Winter Wonderland" has that problematic mention of Parson Brown. Well, maybe people have forgotten that a parson is a pastor.

You could sing "O Christmas Tree" in German because "Tannenbaum" is technically fir tree, not Christmas tree. But try explaining that to your employers as they are showing you the wreathless door.


Two hours of this! Good luck with that, we told our singer friend.

Better you than Buzz!


AM Buffalo Loses Its Head

Buzz could never work for Channel 7's AM Buffalo. We are not a morning person. And we are guessing, judging from what a history-minded friend tells us today, that reporter Jon Summers is not, either. Today's show, our friend says, was about cancer, and Summers was talking  with folks from the General Motors plant and from the American Cancer Society.

When all of a sudden he said that Mary, Queen of Scots, died of cancer.

Ahem, Jon. While any mention of Mary, Queen of Scots ...


... in a mainstream television show is to be appreciated, she did not die of cancer.

She had her head chopped off!

By order of Queen Elizabeth I!

Yes, Mary, Queen of Scots, lost her head. And it appears that it is catching.

Someone, get this man another cup of coffee!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa Takes Control of the BPO

Tops 003

"Jingle Bell Jam," the kids' concert Sunday at Kleinhans Music Hall, was jammed! With many unforgettable sights.  For one thing Ron Spigelman, the conductor, handed the Philharmonic over to Santa. It made us think of when the chicken conducted!

Our photo of Santa on the podium is up above, not bad considering we had our 6-year-old nephew in one hand and a candy cane in the other.

Meanwhile it was also fun to see little girls and boys of every description enjoying Victor Herbert's "March of the Toys" while sporting all kinds of offbeat finery. (One little girl wore a white ballet dress. (You could just imagine the conversation. Girl: "Can I wear my ballet dress?" Mom: "Sure.")

Also, in the Mary Seaton Room, what to our wondering eyes should appear than the longest line for Santa that Buzz had ever seen.

No kidding, this line stretched all around the perimeter!

A dad who was standing away from the line with his kids, placidly eating cookies, gets the Wise Men Award as far as we are concerned.

"They know he's not the real Santa," he said. "I tell them there are people who just play Santa. I'm not getting into this."

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