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Turn, Turn, Turn: Your Loved One's Ashes, Made Into a Vinyl Record


Here is a new spin on mourning.

We hear in a roundabout way -- from the business site Springwise -- of a new initiative by a company called And Vinyly that allows you to eschew the traditional urn and go instead for a more emotional way of preserving your loved one's ashes. As Springwise explains it: "The service allows anyone to have a loved one's ashes pressed as a working record, where it can be accompanied by music, the sound of their voice or simply left blank -- allowing the pops and clicks to provide an audio representation of the ashes."

Already we are buried in questions!

What if the record were misplaced, could it wind up being resold at Record Theatre?

What music would you choose if it were your ashes? (Jeff Miers, The News' pop music critic, confessed he might opt for Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue.")

Could you be a 45? Could your spouse be on your B side?

What if ....

 ... the record skipped, could that be the vinyl version of a ghost?

What if you played the record backwards? Would you receive messages from the Great Beyond?

Surely the service could expand so that, for an extra fee, your loved one could be re-released on the dead label of your choice: Okeh, say, or Jewel, or Chess.


What if your loved one would rather return as an iTune?

And, most importantly ...

When will this service begin advertising on Buffalo radio, along with all the dozens of other cemetery and cremation services? Surely it will happen.

In record time!


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