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Why Popeyes Chicken Didn't Cross the Road


Men see inside the minds of fast-food restaurants as women do not. And Howard, the guy Buzz married, offered insights into why Popeyes Chicken opened at the location it did, at 2160 Elmwood Ave.

It functions as a drive-through for all the guys coming out of Home Depot! Home Depot is at 2100 Elmwood and they virtually share a parking lot. Could any location be better?

Popeyes Chicken is simply following the laws of nature.

It is like the bird that sits on the back of the rhinoceros, feasting on the ticks on the rhino's back and the insects the big beast stirs up as it grazes.


It is like the sea anemone which feeds off the byproducts of nearby algae.


So it shall be with Popeyes Chicken and Home Depot.

They will feed off each other! 


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