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Blizzard of Jokes


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Facebook plus snowstorm equals a lot of laughs! It brings out the comedian in us all.

"Gore-Tex for the Vortex." This is from Forgotten Buffalo's Airborne Eddy. Oh wait, he is an actual comedian. That is his picture we posted up above. We think it's him. It looks like his street. Well, whatever, we figure he won't mind seeing that he is used to being on TV and everything.

Eddy also wrote, on Facebook: "I had to shovel the driveway to get the convertible out but I can't get the damn top off. It's frozen!"

Another friend writes:

"The driving is bad so I am sending my mom up to 7-11 for beer and chips. My only hope is they are open, and there is beer left. Oops better call her and tell her not to forget the dip."

Good thinking. Similar wisdom comes from Howard, the guy we married.

"A six-pack isn't going to do it this time," he advised his friends before the storm even hit.

"Start drinking now!"


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