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Historian Zeroes in on Unnoticed Feature of Buffalo


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Buzz's friend Ryan Lysarz is obsessed with city streets, particularly on the East Side. Lysarz, 30, has admitted to driving for hours of a Sunday afternoon, just pointing out things of interest and keeping watch on what has changed. Nothing escapes him. (By the way that was Ryan who passed on that classic Pepsi quote from the frosty Noco station in this week's Buzz column.)

Recently Lysarz made public the above photograph of Bailey Avenue. The signal, he notes, recently disappeared.

He wrote:

Most people don't notice them, but to me, vintage traffic signals are like old friends that I can wave at whenever I drive by," he writes. "Time to say goodbye to these guys, who resided in front of the former Holy Name of Jesus Church on Bailey Avenue for many years. Their only purpose was to help children from the church's long-shuttered school to cross the street. Now, the school building is vacant and rapidly deteriorating, the church (minus its steeple, which was removed a couple of years ago) is home to a different congregation, and the traffic signals are gone. At least the Bingo sign still remains, and probably will until the building is torn down.

Lysarz's picture drew comments from such luminaries as Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame stalwart Doris Jones, and Channel 4's Jacquie Walker, who wrote: "Keep letting us know about things like this, Ryan. Most of us can see these things, but have no idea WHAT we're seeing! History, perspective, and context are your gifts to us."

Ryan responded:  "I'm glad to see that other people can appreciate these things. I'm thinking about starting a blog to keep track of the remaining old signals of interest."

That would be an illuminating project, Ryan! Buzz will help get the word out when the blog begins.

Let us know when you can give us the green light!


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