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Hamburger Could Claim Blizzard Award


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Our recent blizzard is not all that distant and so all the ballots are not in. Early results, though, reveal a strong contender for the winner in the keenly competitive category of Most Frivolous Violation of a Driving Ban.

It is a woman who, in a feat pictured above, drove through the teeth of the blizzard to go to the gym. Southtowns Fitness, we are talking about, so you know we are not making this up.

What's so special about that, you say. I went to the gym too in the blizzard, you say. However.

She drove to the gym TO TAN.

The gym happened to be open because the owner was there to see to a broken furnace, is what Buzz heard. Says our source: "He could not believe she showed up to go tanning. In a blizzard!"

Hey, that's Buffalo. That is what makes our town great.

You go, girl!



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