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The Most Unlikely Buffalo Business To Join Facebook ...


... (well, aside from Wiechec's, that is) ... pretty much has to be the 24-Hour Store at the corner of Elmwood and Bird. Buzz loved its marquee this morning. It read: "FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK DJARUM CLOVES ..."

We did not catch the price on the clove cigarettes which, may we say, are a very 24-Hour Store thing to sell. 

The 24-Hour Store, on Facebook? How would you even find it? Who knows its real name? A roommate of ours used to call it the Two Four Store. Other people call it "We Never Close" because it has a huge sign that flashes that at passers-by.

Goofing around, Buzz figured it out. The store is Cameron's 24-Hour Store, We Never Close. It posted as its profile pic the gray, snowy, frankly Buffalonian picture at the top of this post.

The store had not posted since Christmas Day, when it posted Merry Christmas and "Today, spend $15 and get an additional $5 in merchandise FREE! Excluding lottery and newspapers."

One day in November it wrote: "Tough Bills game today. All beer 18 packs, $10.99."

Long story short, Buzz hit "Like."

How could you not?


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