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The Snow Princess


Buttoning up our coat this morning, Buzz despaired. We felt like the girl in the picture up above. Or, as we told Howard, the guy we married, we felt like something out of the Brothers Grimm.

Howard did not contradict us as we had hoped he would. But he said: "Look at it this way, everyone else is in the same boat."

That is for sure!

And furthermore the boat is surrounded by ice. The boat is not going anywhere!

It actually cracks us up. We have to love the wit of the other people in the same boat.

Like Jeff Paterson, the head of the Community Music School. Jeff wrote on Facebook: "Pretty sure my car just swore at me when I started it."

And another friend who does not like his name mentioned wrote:

"Love the four seasons here, this current one is just being a bit of jerk."


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