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Today's Nagging News Question


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Buzz is mesmerized by the Twitter argument going on about which cool people should join that TV-head in a segment on wings on "CBS Sunday Morning." Most of all we love that the segment is part of a package on indigestion-causing Super Bowl foods. Ha, ha! No such thing as bad publicity!

At the same time we are puzzled by this Mo Rocca.

"We struggled," he said in today's story. "Should we go with a football player? Should we go with a legendary local lounge performer? Should we go with a civic booster/clean energy activist?"

He struggled over that?

Gee, who would we rather eat wings with, a local lounge performer (who, it is whispered, would be Lance Diamond ...


... who would chat you up and tell you jokes and encourage you to have another beer while he serenaded you with "Brick House") ...

OR ....

... some clean-energy activist quizzing you about how the deep fryer was powered, what kind of car you drive and what sort of light bulb hangs over your table?

Gee, that is a tough choice!

Waiter, another double order, while we figure this one out.


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