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What Happens When You Challenge A Bus


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Buzz did the Metro Bus thing today in the snow, as shown above in a Buzz file photo, and we are not sorry. While everyone else was sliding around and turning their headlights on and calling the radio saying how bad the traffic was ... we were sleeping!

And we woke up just in time to see something we've always wanted to see.

There is this corner with a stop light where a sign indicates that you should stop far in advance of the signal. It is Delaware Avenue and Amherst Street. The reason the sign is there is, the bus makes this turn. And it needs room.

People are always ignoring this sign and we have wondered: What would happen if a bus came along when someone was sitting there in the forbidden area?

This is what happened today on the snowy corner. And here is what happened:

The bus simply turned, as if that car were not there!

The car sat there. The bus turned indifferently until it was an inch from the car's front bumper. And it made as if it were going to continue. It didn't stop!

End result, as we say here in Buffalo: That car backed up.

It backed up a few feet and the bus followed it, nose to nose.

The car backed up a few more feet and the bus bore down on it more.  It was as if the bus were pushing the car! Luckily the car had room to back up because the cars behind it had heeded the sign.

Final score: Bus 1, auto 0. Buzz, sitting on the driver's side of the bus, tried to get a look at the oblivious driver so we could see if we knew him or her, or so we could laugh, but a gust of snow, alas, got in the way.

Still, lots of fun.

Merrily we roll along!


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