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As Snowstorm Peaks, the Beer Poet Speaks


Allow us to introduce Gene McCarthy's Tavern, postponing tonight's meeting of the Better Beverage Society because of the iffy weather.


The weather outside is frightful, even if beer makes us delightful!
But since it's so hard to go, we've postponed cuz of the snow, cuz of the snow!
Better Beverage with Hamburg will happen, on Wed, Feb 19 we'll be rappin!
So please stay home tonight, and drink some craft beer by fire light!

Any person who needs a refund, simply call us and we'll give you one!
Cuz there's always someone else waitin', tho' we'd all love you to make it!
By the time of our next Better Beverage, we may even have our own beer as leverage!And now it's time for me to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
It was signed "The Beer Poet." 
Beer Poet, you are mighty fine.
Now pass, us, please, that frosty stein!


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