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The 3 Things To Love About the Elmwood Bus

Hamburg 002

1. Enjoying urban vistas like the one above, pictured above in a snapshot we took this morning with our mittened hands. Scoot over, Charles Burchfield!

2. Catching the bus in the snowy shadow of Voelker's Bowling.

Hamburg 001


And finally, best of all ...

3. The courtesy of Buffalonians on a snowy day. The bus this morning was crowded but also, Buzz noticed, supremely quiet. No one was yammering on a cell phone the way one girl had been the day before. No one was talking at all. Everyone was shoving over so that nobody had to stand. There were a couple of little kids riding who, you never heard a peep out of them. It was amazing.

Speaking of these kids, it came time for them to get off the bus. Their mom herded them to the front, they're wobbling up the aisle in their snowsuits ...

And as they were getting off, the one little girl turns and pipes loudly to the bus driver: "Thank you for the ride!!"

Ha, ha! Everyone on the bus was smiling and laughing.

Aglow in the snow!




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