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About Those Mysterious Midnight Explosions Downtown


Buzz was downtown 'round midnight last night and was shocked when suddenly we began hearing muffled booms. Like an ammunitions plant exploding.

Fireworks, were our first thought. But how could they be fireworks? It was midnight. It was winter. And it was stormy. Snow was coming down and the roads were slick.

Boom, boom, boom! The explosions seemed to be coming from the direction of the river. Maybe they were blowing up ice on the lake or something? We put something up on Facebook, looking for answers, and found we weren't the only ones alarmed. One woman wrote: "Fire in the popcorn factory? I'm hearing it in Williamsville."

As the noise went on it grew frightening. We thought we saw flashes reflected in a window. Howard, the guy we married, said, "We better get out of here."

Well ...

It turns out it was fireworks. 

Someone posted a video on Facebook. Yes indeedy, fireworks, exploding into the snowy clouds.  "I'm assuming it was the finale of the Buffalo Hearing & Speech fundraiser at the Hyatt," wrote the gentleman who posted it. "They spared no expense."

What a dramatic day, first the Paczki on Broadway and now this. You gotta love Buffalo, you know? Here it is this wintry dark and stormy night and people are behaving as if it were the Fourth of July.

We also love the idea that something so loud would be sponsored by Buffalo Hearing & Speech. 

Finally, as we await a call back ascertaining that from the Buffalo Fire Department, we keep laughing over the explanation one Facebook friend initially offered for the booms.

They weren't explosions, they were implosions, she wrote.

"As in what's happening over at the Sabres organization."


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