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Anchor Bar Beats NYC Restaurant in Radio Smackdown

In today's Buzz we learn of Geraldo Rivera winging it while in Buffalo in the last couple of days.

Meanwhile, the Anchor Bar has been soaring on eagle's wings as far as good publicity goes. Over the weekend Cigar Dave, the nationally syndicated radio guy originally from Buffalo, paid an on-air paean to the place.

He made the outrageous move, which Buzz loved, of stacking the Anchor Bar up against a chi-chi New York City three Michelin-star restaurant at the Time Warner Center, Per Se.

"Per So-So," he called it.

He said at Per Se, a prix-fixe dinner was $320. "You pay that kind of money, you think, 'I'm going to be so stuffed,'" he said.  "It says on their website, 'A great meal isn't one that fills you up.'" (Buzz checked and it does say that. You have to click on "philosophy.")

"You need an electron microscope to see the half ounce of food they give you," he jeered.

He went on to run knowledgeably down the prices on the Anchor Bar menu. Say you've got four people going, he said, and wanted to get a bunch of foods to share. An antipasto is $8. Beef on weck, $7.50. Bucket of wings, $37. Fish fry, $9. He added in a large pizza with all kinds of toppings -- one he mentioned was pineapple -- and tallied it all up.

"Eighty bucks," he announced. "Twenty bucks a person."

We agree.

Buffalo rocks!


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