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Buzz Breaks In the North Park Theatre


Buzz went to the North Park Theatre last night and saw "The Jewish Cardinal." It is based on the true story of the great Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, who died in 2007.

St. Pope John Paul II is in the movie big time and a good actor plays him. It is cute how JP II wears white sneakers. But our favorite character is this priest who is this go-fer for Lustiger who as a cardinal was kind of a rock star for the Catholic Church. This guy is always parked outside the door, going through papers, making travel arrangements,following Lustiger everywhere, bearing the brunt of the cardinal's temper and kind of admonishing him, too, when the situation demands it. Anyway, we all could use someone like that.

"Lulu, you need a break," this go-fer tells the workaholic Lustinger. Lulu was one of His Eminence's nicknames, along with "The Bulldozer." There is something to be said for someone who is nicknamed, simultaneously, "Lulu" and "The Bulldozer." Clearly you are doing something right!

The same could not be said of Buzz who spilled our $7 tub of popcorn.

This beautiful, newly refurbished, spanking, gleaming North Park! And here we go besmirching it. (Howard, the guy we married, took the disaster photo up above.) We wonder if we were the first major popcorn spill. All over the beautiful carpet! See, if we had a go-fer the way Cardinal Lustiger did, he or she could have cleaned it up, but alas.

Today is the last day to catch "The Jewish Cardinal." It screens at 7 and 9:30 p.m.

Hold onto your popcorn!


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