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Starring Roles Up For Grabs In Kavinoky's 'Over the Tavern'


Playwright Tom Dudzick, pictured above, is coming to town in August to direct "Over the Tavern" at the Kavinoky Theatre. Meanwhile the Kavinoky is recklessly putting out a cattle call for stereotypical Caucasian Buffalonians.

We will cut and paste what they are looking for. Keep in mind that you -- or your kid -- will get paid!

RUDY PAZINSKI: 12 years old. Full of fun. His world revolves around Mad Magazine and TV comedians. Does a great Ed Sullivan impression. His curious mind gets him in trouble with the Nuns at school when he innocently questions the rules of Catholicism.

GEORGIE PAZINSKI: 13 years old. Mentally “challenged” – what we used to call “retarded.” His mental age is that of a 3-year-old. Consistently good natured, he communicates with gestures, grunts and an occasional real word.

EDDIE PAZINSKI: 15 years old. Typical swaggering teenage boy. Loves his family but wouldn’t be caught dead admitting it. Hides his sweet nature under a tough guy demeanor.

ANNIE PAZINSKI: 16 years old. Insecure. Frets a lot. Everything’s a crisis. Battling a weight problem; sneaks Hostess Twinkies into her room.

CHET PAZINSKI: The Dad. Late 40’s. Former baseball player who never made it to the majors. Owns a neighborhood bar. A loving guy but let’s life’s adversities get him down. Handles his workday frustrations by yelling at his kids.

ELLEN PAZINSKI: The Mom. Mid-40’s. With great humor, energy, patience and love, she holds her family together. Though at times tired and weary, she can still summon the zest to dance a late night polka in the kitchen with her husband. And she’s feisty enough to snap a nun’s ruler in two when her kid is being threatened.

Auditions will be held Saturday, May 31 by appointment only. Callbacks, if necessary, will take place on Sunday, June 1. Nuns need not apply. The role of Sister Clarissa has been cast.  

All positions are paid.  Interested candidates should call (716) 829-7668 to schedule an appointment.

Start polishing up that Buffalo 'A'!

Downtown Buffalo Gallery Circling the Drain

Island 038

The subject is toilets.

Above is one picture of a picture Buzz took today of one photograph on display at the CEPA Gallery, in Buffalo's downtown Market Arcade building.

Someone pick up that paper!

Island 022

And take out the garbage, while you are at it..

Island 048

This masterpiece shows the tile we refer to as North Buffalo Bathroom.

Island 011

 Untidy bowl.

Island 017

We read the writing on the wall.

Island 006

Buzz should submit our masterful photograph from Black Rock a few days ago.

Island 024

OK, enough art appreciation. Time to get back to work.

Let's flush this toilet!

Cathedral Torn Over Paper Issue


Buzz was corresponding with St. Paul's Cathedral and found ourself cc'd on a chain of emails, from a few different cathedral folks, all of them working to fill The Buffalo News in on what music an organist would be playing in an upcoming recital.

One email bore this preachy postscript we are used to seeing: 

Help the environment and don't print this email unless you really need to!

But another email goes on a different tear:

Notice: It's OK to print this email if you need to. Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made from trees. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs for millions of Americans. Working forests are good for the environment and provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. Thanks to improved forest management, we have more trees in America today than we had 100 years ago.
The Value of Print -- Renewable, Recyclable, Effective
Paper consumption also keeps printing and bindery companies in business and employs over 65,000 in NYS alone!
Keep jobs in NYS!


Buzz swiftly printed out the chain of emails. As a newspaper gal, we know whose side of this issue we are on.

Feel free to print out the Buzz Blog!

The Black Rock Restroom Rebel

Dont tread

Buzz had to laugh at this sign in the ladies' room at Rohall's Corner, where we went to sip Austrian wine and listen to honky tonk piano.

Island 006

Exclusive Shots Of the New Marriott Bar

Island 001

The waterfront Marriott, all shiny and aromatic like a new car, has opened its new lobby bar and mini-eatery. You could almost call it a lunch counter, if you will forgive our old Woolworths terminology.

Oatmeal is $3.95 and salads with chicken and salmon and quinoa and whatnot run about $10. A placard said happy hour was 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. although there were no visible specials.  Glasses of wine were in the $7 to $8 range. You are in a hotel after all.

The menu board shows calorie count, something new and exotic to us outside of certain fast food places.

Here is Shelton Square, which we gossiped about before.

Island 009

And a nice little patio, here shot from inside.

Island 016

A window looks out on the Metro Rail.

Island 010

A cute reading library by the business center ...

Island 002

... has books on Frank Lloyd Wright and Forest Lawn Cemetery. Best of all is The Buffalo News' "Headlines and History," which we noted with approval was prominently displayed.

Island 008

How welcome, to see this new amenity downtown.

A happy hour, indeed!

Allentown Visitor Asks For a Kick In the Pants ... And Gets It

Buzz's friend went with us to Cafe 59 and ordered this cute drink.

Island 027

The drink is called the Kick in the Pants!

It is amazing. You ask for a kick in the pants and you are rewarded for it.

Only in Buffalo!

Rosary Mob Gives Us the Latest on St. Ann's Church

2014-04-30 st. anns 015

The Buffalo Mass Mob, which has become famous nationally and is being copied in other cities, branched out this morning with a Rosary Mob. The Rosary Mob mobbed St. Ann's Church, at the corner of Broadway and Emslie on Buffalo's East Side.

The Mobsters met on the street corner because the church is shuttered. Earlier this year, the Vatican, in answer to a petition from St. Ann's parishioners, ruled that the 19th century building could not be demolished and must remain open as a Catholic church. But the wheels turn slowly and they are still waiting for the Buffalo diocese to allow them access to the building so they can begin making repairs.

The recent saga surrounding St. Ann's, closed in 2012 by Bishop Kmiec, has all the ingredients of a fine historical drama. As The News reported in February, the diocese has estimated repairs at $12 million while the parishioners, citing an estimate from International Chimney Corporation, say that fixing the church would cost only between $500,000 and $1 million.

What's next? Buzz is hoping for bake sales, like the one we went to yesterday

The St. Ann's folks, who happily share our enthusiasm for that idea, hope that Bishop Malone will give them his blessing to begin repairing the church.

As one of them said: "He would be a hero."

A Secret Peek Inside the New Marriott


It’s rare to see a hotel in its infancy, and so Buzz was thrilled to be able to glimpse the as yet-unopened Marriott downtown by the Skyway across from The News. We gained access by going to a bake sale for St. Luke's Mission of Mercy being held by Philips Lytle, which has its offices in the new Marriott.

The bake sale was beautiful and the Marriott is too. It is like a new car! No hot sauce spills yet, just the unsullied aroma of construction.

There is a beautiful pool in the basement, its surface glassy and undisturbed. On the first floor, a mural when you walk in shows Shelton Square -- the Guaranty Building, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the turreted Erie County Savings Bank. That is Shelton Square in the postcard up above.

Just around the corner from Shelton Square is a snack bar. And a real bar, too! There were unopened boxes of glassware, and gleaming bottles of gin and vodka. A sweet sight, on this hectic afternoon, even if it was too early to have any. Back in the office, we excitedly told a co-worker what we had seen. She looked out the window to the spot we were describing.

And she sighed, “So near, so far.”

Buffalo Historian Jumps On Board Johnny Rzeznik's Bus

The other day, Buzz figured we had solved the mystery of what bus it was that Johnny Rzeznik took in Buffalo growing up. 

And sure enough!

Now, historian Martin Biniasz has come forward with a picture proving our discovery. Clearly visible near the bottom of the vintage sign is Rzeznik's old route, the now extinct No. 17 Broadway.

Bus sign

Biniasz is part of the team called Forgotten Bus Route. Oops, we mean Forgotten Buffalo. He helpfully provided this closeup of the sign.

Bus closeup

The wheels on this bus go round and round!

Where will it take us next?

Singing Nun Is More Than a Wonderful Download


Remember what Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra guest pops conductor Matt Catingub said the other day, wondering how you would describe a great recording now? He jokingly suggested: "It's a wonderful download."

He's been topped.

We refer you to Page A6, in today's Buffalo News, the story about the singing nun Sister Cristina, pictured above. In paragraph 4, the producer of a TV show expresses his enthusiasm in words even Catingub could not have dreamed up.

The producer says: "It's a very good piece of content."

How do you beat that? You don't.

The producer adds, eloquently: "It just is."

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