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Rosary Mob Gives Us the Latest on St. Ann's Church

2014-04-30 st. anns 015

The Buffalo Mass Mob, which has become famous nationally and is being copied in other cities, branched out this morning with a Rosary Mob. The Rosary Mob mobbed St. Ann's Church, at the corner of Broadway and Emslie on Buffalo's East Side.

The Mobsters met on the street corner because the church is shuttered. Earlier this year, the Vatican, in answer to a petition from St. Ann's parishioners, ruled that the 19th century building could not be demolished and must remain open as a Catholic church. But the wheels turn slowly and they are still waiting for the Buffalo diocese to allow them access to the building so they can begin making repairs.

The recent saga surrounding St. Ann's, closed in 2012 by Bishop Kmiec, has all the ingredients of a fine historical drama. As The News reported in February, the diocese has estimated repairs at $12 million while the parishioners, citing an estimate from International Chimney Corporation, say that fixing the church would cost only between $500,000 and $1 million.

What's next? Buzz is hoping for bake sales, like the one we went to yesterday

The St. Ann's folks, who happily share our enthusiasm for that idea, hope that Bishop Malone will give them his blessing to begin repairing the church.

As one of them said: "He would be a hero."


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