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Awesome Dyngus Day Relic Finds Dramatic Resting Place

Surely there was no more enduring a sight in Monday's Dyngus Day Parade than the gentlemen of the Polish Cadets rolling their giant bottle of Sobieski Vodka. 

And lo, when Buzz was coming home from church today, we beheld that amazing bottle parked in front of the Polish Cadets, at the corner of Amherst and Grant streets. It gave us a thrill, the kind you would get if you were just going about your business and suddenly saw the Goodyear Blimp tethered in a parking lot.

Roll out the bottle! There it was! Up close!

Our exclusive photos:

2014-03-01 sobieski 003

2014-03-01 sobieski 018

2014-03-01 sobieski 002

Buffalo's Most Amazing Shopping Bag

Buzz joined the crowd at the Undy 5K this morning in Delaware Park, our sneakers squishing in the rain, and if there was one thing more amazing than the giant walk-in colon, it was this giant shopping bag they gave out, which we made sure to grab.

2014-03-01 undie 002

Yes, you read that correctly. It says: "Immunological Fecal Occult Blood Test." 

We can't wait to take it to Wegmans!

Church Is Satisfied With Its Lot

St. gabriel

Buzz had to smile seeing a Dyngus Day party announcement from St. Gabriel's Of The Parking Lot.

Oops, we meant to write St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows because that is the actual saint the church is named for. But the church is fronted by a magnificent parking lot, a gleaming expanse that glistens in the winter and bakes in the summer and has room for a million cars. The lot is clearly visible in the picture above.

It is more than a parking lot. It is a focal point! The church as good as admitted to that in its Dyngus Day ad, which appears in the Original Dyngus Day Guide 2014, on page 3.

God love St. Gabriel's, it advertises, as one of its Easter highlights, along with its 11:30 a.m. polka mass and 12 p.m. Polish buffet:

"Ample Parking in Large Lighted Parking Lot."

Broadway Market Stand Puts Best Foot Forward

Ox Foot, available at the meat counter across from the entrance to Sav-A-Lot!

Broadway 009

And next to that is Pig's Foot.

Broadway 001

We get a kick from these feet. There might be a shortage of pussy willows for Dyngus Day but thank goodness the market is overflowing with other delights.

We love this time of year!

Gift Shop Makes Kleinhans Audience Groan

Spring 007

Two in one shot! Too Hot to Handel and the Chopin Bag.

These people are the Mozarts of bad puns! Wonder what they'll have next time we stop in.

We'll be Bach!

WNY To Play Host to World's Driest Wine Class


This landed in Buzz's inbox just in time for happy hour. The Starpoint Public School System  -- we learned where that is on Sunday -- is announcing an Adult Education Wine Class.


The WINE APPRECIATION course offering is designed for those with little or no previous wine knowledge, as well as those who are more knowledgeable.  The class will be tailored to fit the attendees.  The course includes: a systematic approach to wine tasting; an introduction to and comparison of a range of wine styles; food and wine matching; wine storage; viticulture and vinification; wines and grape types; and the wine regions of the world.  An opportunity to taste the wines at a licensed facility off school property will be arranged.

Attendees will gain a whole new appreciation for wine and how to differentiate wines from different regions of the world. The course is being held on Thursdays starting February 27th through May 1st, from 7:00 p.m. -- 8:00 p.m. for 8 weeks. No class March 27th and April 17th. Course fee is $59. 

For more information please contact Michael J. VonHeckler at or (716) 352-2750.

There is so much to love about this wine class!

"A licensed facility off school property." We love how they say that and not "a nearby bar."

Also the bit about the class being tailored to fit the attendees. That is brave. What if someone insists on Blue Nun? Or Lake Niagara? 

Buzz wants to sign up and do that.

Somebody has to!

The Most Unlikely Buffalo Business To Join Facebook ...


... (well, aside from Wiechec's, that is) ... pretty much has to be the 24-Hour Store at the corner of Elmwood and Bird. Buzz loved its marquee this morning. It read: "FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK DJARUM CLOVES ..."

We did not catch the price on the clove cigarettes which, may we say, are a very 24-Hour Store thing to sell. 

The 24-Hour Store, on Facebook? How would you even find it? Who knows its real name? A roommate of ours used to call it the Two Four Store. Other people call it "We Never Close" because it has a huge sign that flashes that at passers-by.

Goofing around, Buzz figured it out. The store is Cameron's 24-Hour Store, We Never Close. It posted as its profile pic the gray, snowy, frankly Buffalonian picture at the top of this post.

The store had not posted since Christmas Day, when it posted Merry Christmas and "Today, spend $15 and get an additional $5 in merchandise FREE! Excluding lottery and newspapers."

One day in November it wrote: "Tough Bills game today. All beer 18 packs, $10.99."

Long story short, Buzz hit "Like."

How could you not?

Buffalo's Secret Weapon


By Mary Kunz Goldman

The real winner of Saturday's Metropolitan Opera auditions is not even a singer.

It is Buffalo!

Organizer Dianne Rubin forwarded to Buzz an email from a Toronto couple, Ellen Richardson and Bruce Little, who were there to cheer on some of the many Canadian singers in the auditions.

The Torontonians wrote: "We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves -- a lovely day of singing, bracketed by two nights at a splendid B&B (the Parkside) and excellent meal at Hutch's and Ristorante Lombardo.  Buffalo is on our list of long weekend getaways now."

With which Buzz found ourself gawking at the Parkside House, pictured above, which has a friendly dog and a claw-foot bathtub and a music room complete with a baby grand piano. We want to go there! We want to stay in the Jewett Room.

Anyway, let's make a note of this Toronto twosome's comments, and make it a high note, while we're at it. We are always looking for that silver bullet here in Buffalo.

Opera could be it!

Guerrilla Warfare in Downtown Buffalo


You know those guerrilla signs you see taped to telephone poles? They are a way of life in Buffalo. Anyway, we have seen a classic, posted on the corner of Washington and Exchange streets. It says:


And there is a picture of a bat, sort of like the Batman logo pictured above, followed by phone numbers and stuff.

Alas, it was too cold, and Buzz was too bundled up, to take a picture. If you do not believe us you will have to go and see for yourself. These signs are never taken down. So don't worry, by the time you get around to it, it will still be there.

Same Bat time.

Same Bat telephone pole!


Turn, Turn, Turn: Your Loved One's Ashes, Made Into a Vinyl Record


Here is a new spin on mourning.

We hear in a roundabout way -- from the business site Springwise -- of a new initiative by a company called And Vinyly that allows you to eschew the traditional urn and go instead for a more emotional way of preserving your loved one's ashes. As Springwise explains it: "The service allows anyone to have a loved one's ashes pressed as a working record, where it can be accompanied by music, the sound of their voice or simply left blank -- allowing the pops and clicks to provide an audio representation of the ashes."

Already we are buried in questions!

What if the record were misplaced, could it wind up being resold at Record Theatre?

What music would you choose if it were your ashes? (Jeff Miers, The News' pop music critic, confessed he might opt for Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue.")

Could you be a 45? Could your spouse be on your B side?

What if ....

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