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UB Welcomes World's Most Expensive Water Bottle


The Dreamchaser Water Bottle at last night's Sarah Brightman concert at UB's Center for the Arts was $25!

And people were buying it. Plus the $70 sweatshirt!

That concert lived up to its name.

Buzz must be dreaming!

Weird Garage Sale This Weekend


 On Page B9 of today's print edition of The Buffalo News, under "Garage Sales":

TONAWANDA TWP., 164 Kenview, across from Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Fri.-Sat., Sept. 27-28, 10-6.

Cereal, dog & cat treats, mouthwash, Efferdent, toothbrushes, coffee, tea, Kool-Aid, peanut butter, mustard, A-1, Worcestershire, barbecue & hot sauces, Bayer Extra Strength & low dosage, men's and women's shavers & body wash, laundry, bar & dish soap, crackers, candy, gum, soup + regular garage sale treasures.

Love that bit at the end, "+ regular garage sale treasures."

Hmmmm. Either ...

A.) someone is into Extreme Couponing, or ...

B.) someone is filching things across the street from behind the scenes at Kenmore Mercy, or ...

C.) 164 Kenview is a Rite-Aid.

Buzz might just have to go over there, just to find out.

The Ultimate Church Barbecue

Meth church

Buzz's buddy Ryan Lysarz saw this sign today. If you hurry you can still get to this picnic.

What kind of a church is this, anyway?

Whatever, it sounds like quite the event!

Counseling Agency Has Comic Touch

2013-08-23 river road 005

Stressed out? Depressed? Anxious? It might help just to walk past Brightside Counseling on River Road in North Tonawanda. You do not even have to walk in!

They really do look on the bright side!

In case you need a closeup:

2013-08-23 river road 003

The Ghost of AM&A's

We don't remember seeing these before!

Bigblue 005

This is on the back of the AM&A's building, on the west side of Washington Street, beneath the scaffolding that is over the sidewalk. The inscription on the left reads: "Ask the women who sew with Vogue."

Bigblue 018

Every once in a while you glimpse past glories.

You have to keep your eyes open!

The Weird Food Eclipse

The Extreme Chicken Wing Hip-Hop Video was a sign. For one moment, one brief shining moment, Buffalo is the food capital of the world.

Our food is weirder and better than anybody's!

In today's Gusto, Food Critic Andrew Galarneau writes of a “seafood trio presented in dessert forms,” starting with octopus and squid ink “Oreos." And  foie gras doughnuts with Jamaican coffee crema dipping sauce. They are at Butterwood Sweet and Savory.

Meanwhile, let us wallow in the new foods that have debuted at this year's Erie County Fair. There is a Bacon Bomb. A Deep-Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll. Alligator and Shark Kabobs. Deep-Fried Gummy Bears. Shrimp Dogs. And our favorite, immortalized in a photo by our friend Ryan Lysarz ...

Pig Butt on a Stick!


Not Pork Butt, Pig Butt!

Alas, gather ye pig butts while ye may, because time is a-flying. The fair runs through Sunday, and at Butterwood, Andrew writes that the chef is soon to be simplifying many of the menu items. No more foie gras doughnuts, alas! None of these delicacies is here for long.

The moral of the story: Eat up.

For a few precious days, this is one great gourmet town.

The Man Who Really, Really Wants to be Family Court Judge

Crapsi... has to be Paul Crapsi, pictured at left, seen pressing the flesh at both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Pine Grill Jazz Reunion, held two Sundays in a row at Martin Luther King Park.

Crapsi is a Democrat running for Erie County Family Court Judge. He made the rounds of big concert/picnic with his little daughter in tow, handing out flyers.

Two hot Sundays in a row, shaking hands as saxophones blared, yelling over the din of risque blues lyrics! ("Stoop down, mama, let your daddy see/You got somethin' down there, mama, somethin' that been worryin' me...")

This is the kind of dedication that transcends political boundaries.

If he gets on the ticket, he has earned our vote!

Addiction Leads To Embarrassment

CouponIt is humiliating to admit but Buzz is addicted to CVS's Magic Coupon Machine, pictured at left.

Every few days we just have to check to see if it has new coupons for us! Sometimes it gives you freebies, like pop or nail polish or something. Other times it offers some kind of discount but you have to strategize a little in order to get something free or at deep discount. You know those little games you play that brighten your day? This is one. It is like Soduku only you wind up with pop or nail polish or whatever.

So. This morning we stop at CVS. And there is this guy sort of loitering in the parking lot. Perfectly normal, this being within the Buffalo city limits. And he holds the door open for us and says good morning and smiles at us, not unusual because we are wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt and a yellow skirt, plus green nail polish we got courtesy of the Magic Coupon Machine. People have been smiling at us all morning!

Then he says: "Your name is Mary, isn't it?"

"Yes," we said, thinking: Aha, so he recognizes us from the super-popular Buzz column and Buzz Blog! Perhaps he even read it this morning!

Then he says: "You work here, don't you?"

Hahahahaa! Hopes of local celebrity, dashed.

"No," we said. "We just come here a lot." 

God knows how he knew our name, you know? That is one question we have not answered.

On the other hand, this is Buffalo.

Italian Festival Boasts New Big Cheese



It is an unexpected slice of life that the Italian Heritage Festival has a new big cheese behind it. It is Galbani Cheese!

(Helpfully and most Buffalonially, that link takes you directly to the page of the site where you can get a coupon.)

The Italian Heritage Festival has been sponsored for Sorrento Cheese for so long that it will be hard not to say "Sorrento Cheese Italian Heritage Festival." When people say, "Galbani Cheese Italian Heritage Festival" you are going to want to respond: "No whey!"

Oh, well, hard cheese.

It's all good!

Friday Tower of Power

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