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The Jaded Amusement Park Operator

2013-08-23 comet 003

Fantasy Island is open for a few more weekends and Buzz hit the park yesterday. There is so much that is fun about this park.

The classic water fountain pictured above (note the Buffalo News box, one of many sprinkled throughout the park). The bumper cars with their music by the Electric Light Orchestra. The pirate show!

Somehow we ended up on the Mega Disko, a weird spinning ride. The kids wanted to ride it. But our nephew George Henry, boarding it, had second thoughts.

"If I scream, can you stop the ride?" he asked the operator.

She shook her head.

Buzz, trying to be entertaining, spoke up.

"He can scream pretty loud," we told her.

She rolled her eyes.

"I hear it all day, every day," she sighed.

Still Life With Motorhead

Guercios 003

What's a guy to do when the main stage of the Lewiston Jazz Festival is practically right in his own back yard?

Work on his car, of course! Or truck, as the case may be.

Buzz took this idyllic picture Saturday on a Lewiston side street as we arrived for the jazz festivities around noon. The street was right around the corner from the main stage and we could hear the Mike Kaupa Quintet wailing away.

When we emerged from the festival, hours later, that motorhead was still there, under his vehicle!

He must have heard us laughing because stuck his head out and talked with us. He said he has lived in Lewiston a long time and yes, he could enjoy the music from where he was.

Hats off to this gentleman.

A man enjoying his Saturday!

The Weird Food Eclipse

The Extreme Chicken Wing Hip-Hop Video was a sign. For one moment, one brief shining moment, Buffalo is the food capital of the world.

Our food is weirder and better than anybody's!

In today's Gusto, Food Critic Andrew Galarneau writes of a “seafood trio presented in dessert forms,” starting with octopus and squid ink “Oreos." And  foie gras doughnuts with Jamaican coffee crema dipping sauce. They are at Butterwood Sweet and Savory.

Meanwhile, let us wallow in the new foods that have debuted at this year's Erie County Fair. There is a Bacon Bomb. A Deep-Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll. Alligator and Shark Kabobs. Deep-Fried Gummy Bears. Shrimp Dogs. And our favorite, immortalized in a photo by our friend Ryan Lysarz ...

Pig Butt on a Stick!


Not Pork Butt, Pig Butt!

Alas, gather ye pig butts while ye may, because time is a-flying. The fair runs through Sunday, and at Butterwood, Andrew writes that the chef is soon to be simplifying many of the menu items. No more foie gras doughnuts, alas! None of these delicacies is here for long.

The moral of the story: Eat up.

For a few precious days, this is one great gourmet town.

An electrifying story from the Erie County Fair


Just the way everyone hears a Beethoven symphony differently, each in his own way, so is the Erie County Fair experience unique to every person. In today's News Buzz writes about our experience with pigs, heifers and the Parking Lot exhibit. We also love the story in today's News about the couple who have been going to the Erie County Fair every year since the 1950s.

Our friend Ryan Lysarz has his own particular spark.

Ryan hit the Erie County Fair yesterday. He was watching the Indian dancing, entranced -- Ryan is of Mohawk heritage -- when his attention was diverted.

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You, Too Can Ride the Crystal Beach Cyclone


The story about the Fantasy Island Silver Comet and the old Crystal Beach Comet brings back memories of stories we have heard about the old Cyclone at Crystal Beach. The Cyclone's steel was recycled into the Comet.

Buzz used to hear from our dad how wild the Cyclone was. It took us till now really to understand what he meant. Because there is a video on YouTube that lets you ride it, virtually.

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15 Things Not To Do At the Erie County Fair

Love this sign at the Erie County Fair, which just opened:

2013-08-08 fair 004

Addiction Leads To Embarrassment

CouponIt is humiliating to admit but Buzz is addicted to CVS's Magic Coupon Machine, pictured at left.

Every few days we just have to check to see if it has new coupons for us! Sometimes it gives you freebies, like pop or nail polish or something. Other times it offers some kind of discount but you have to strategize a little in order to get something free or at deep discount. You know those little games you play that brighten your day? This is one. It is like Soduku only you wind up with pop or nail polish or whatever.

So. This morning we stop at CVS. And there is this guy sort of loitering in the parking lot. Perfectly normal, this being within the Buffalo city limits. And he holds the door open for us and says good morning and smiles at us, not unusual because we are wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt and a yellow skirt, plus green nail polish we got courtesy of the Magic Coupon Machine. People have been smiling at us all morning!

Then he says: "Your name is Mary, isn't it?"

"Yes," we said, thinking: Aha, so he recognizes us from the super-popular Buzz column and Buzz Blog! Perhaps he even read it this morning!

Then he says: "You work here, don't you?"

Hahahahaa! Hopes of local celebrity, dashed.

"No," we said. "We just come here a lot." 

God knows how he knew our name, you know? That is one question we have not answered.

On the other hand, this is Buffalo.

It's the Tiny Things That Make the Eden Corn Festival Great

The Eden Corn Festival gets big by thinking small!

They have at the festival, this year, the World's Tiniest Woman ...


... And the World's Smallest Horse.


Bet you did not know that. You had to read the small print. Sorry, had to crack a corny joke!

Speaking of which, Eden's corn is so great that, as an Eden friend points out, the festival has no need of corn pone, corn fritters, corn dogs, corn chips, corny pick-up lines or the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Just corn on the cob! 


Have You Seen the Bieber?


Those "Leave it to Beaver" puns -- it turns out they are most appropriate!

The headline on The News' picture page today, in the print edition, is "Leave it to Bieber."

Someone has to point this out: "Bieber" is a variation of "Biber" ...

... as in the wonderful German composer Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber ...


... and Biber is, yes, German for "beaver."

See, now if you run into Justin Bieber in person, you will have things to talk to him about.

Be an informed Belieber!

Aftertaste of Buffalo

One thing that remains (besides the five extra pounds)...

Airborne Eddy, jumping out of a cake!


"You should be wearing less clothes," remarked one woman, obviously a fan of Eddy, comedian, Off Beat Cinema host and co-founder of Forgotten Buffalo.

A gentleman says: "How disappointing for everyone!"

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