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Rare Animal Seen at Buffalo Zoo

Scoot over, Luna. Joggers over the weekend were stopping to gawk at something much less often seen.

It's ...

Zoo2 056

 A genuine Plymouth Horizon!

We think it calls for a Latin identification tag.

Along with one of those old triangular signs reading "Vanishing Animal."

Buffalo Zoo Tells Patrons: Leave Our Debris Alone

Gee, we never really wanted to climb a debris pile before but now we kind of want to.

Zoo 038

We would also like to ape the zoo and put a sign like this next to our desk!

New Jersey Dog Displays Buffalo Behavior

Buzz's sister Margie, who lives in New Jersey, came downstairs and found the family dog running around like this:


Margie wrote: "I came downstairs and she was running around the house with the box in her mouth!" She added: "I guess it would've been funnier if it were full."

Bet the dog wishes that too.

She is taking Mayor Griffin's advice about staying home with a six pack!

The Five Critters You Meet In Kleinhans

Act your age, not your shoe size, as our teachers used to tell us. But still. Buzz had to crack up at Kleinhans Music Hall, seeing these critters at the recent Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra kids' show.

Elmo tried to cajole our niece, Barbara, into posing with him. No go.

Sunset 010

Elmo had better luck with Barbara's dad.


Sunset 008

Parents all wanted to get their pictures taken with Elmo! What was with that? This is supposed to be for the kids and the grown-ups are having the good time.

We loved these creatures standing by the stairs.

Sunset 005

We loved seeing Matthew Kraemer, the BPO's Associate Conductor, in a chicken suit. That alone, you have to figure, is worth the price of admission.

And the best was, we saw Mickey Mouse walking into the Mary Seaton Room, looking sweaty and exhausted, taking off his giant Mickey Mouse head. Ha, ha! We wish we had gotten a picture of that.

Some things never grow old!

Brown Booby Frustrated In Efforts To Spot Rare Human


From the Brown Booby's human-watching journal:

Awk! Awk! I really must be as stupid as they say.

I make my once-in-a-lifetime human-ing trip up to Buffalo and all I see is the same darn people I've been seeing back home in Florida!

Buffalo Bills fans! They are down in Florida too. I added the Buffalo Bills Fan to my life list when I was still a chick. You can't fly 10 feet without running into one of those.

The Tufted Backwards-Baseball-Cap-Wearing Youth, he is so common!

It's my first time this year for the Tweedy UB Professor. But it's not as if he's exotic or anything. As a matter of fact that professor quoted in the story about me in The Buffalo News, I saw that exact same guy in Florida, looking right at me.

No goal! That is a quaint expression I hear in this Great Lakes town. 

Why are rare humans so hard to spot??

The Weird Food Eclipse

The Extreme Chicken Wing Hip-Hop Video was a sign. For one moment, one brief shining moment, Buffalo is the food capital of the world.

Our food is weirder and better than anybody's!

In today's Gusto, Food Critic Andrew Galarneau writes of a “seafood trio presented in dessert forms,” starting with octopus and squid ink “Oreos." And  foie gras doughnuts with Jamaican coffee crema dipping sauce. They are at Butterwood Sweet and Savory.

Meanwhile, let us wallow in the new foods that have debuted at this year's Erie County Fair. There is a Bacon Bomb. A Deep-Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll. Alligator and Shark Kabobs. Deep-Fried Gummy Bears. Shrimp Dogs. And our favorite, immortalized in a photo by our friend Ryan Lysarz ...

Pig Butt on a Stick!


Not Pork Butt, Pig Butt!

Alas, gather ye pig butts while ye may, because time is a-flying. The fair runs through Sunday, and at Butterwood, Andrew writes that the chef is soon to be simplifying many of the menu items. No more foie gras doughnuts, alas! None of these delicacies is here for long.

The moral of the story: Eat up.

For a few precious days, this is one great gourmet town.

The Animal That Could Eat the Erie County Fair

Reindeer, our foot.

It looks as if they've got Bullwinkle back there!

Fair 002


15 Things Not To Do At the Erie County Fair

Love this sign at the Erie County Fair, which just opened:

2013-08-08 fair 004

Cattlemen Invade Buffalo


 Last night the lounge of E.B. Green's in the Hyatt downtown was full of cattle marketers here for the AgMedia Summit, a convention that starts today. They talked shop as Jackie Jocko played.

You would not think of Buffalo as the typical grazing ground for such a summit, but we are! That was the impression we got from talking with conventioneer Kent "Jake" Jaecki. It was funny, Jake Jaecki and Jackie Jocko, both in the same room.

Jake said AgMedia searches out cities that are mid-sized big, as opposed to way big and too expensive. Last year they met in Albuquerqe, N.M. Other years they have met in Indianapolis, Ind., and Kansas City, Mo. Now there is a cattle town, Kansas City. But the grass is apparently just as green in Buffalo. AgMedia's summit here has the slogan, "Just Wing It."

The ranchers have been having a great time winging it so far, Jake said.

"Downtown is amazing," he drawled. "The difference in architetecture! It's so eclectic. We thought Buffalo was going to be more industrial and blue-collar. But it's way more friendly than other cities."

It sure looked as if he personally was having a great time!

We heard him tell Cindy the bartender: "Honey, you and Ah are going to become good friends this week."

Jake comes from Oklahoma City, hence our picture up above of Oklahoma cattle. (We lifted it from the Oklahoma Farm Report. Don't have a cow, man!) His friend Diane, who spent a lot of time on the piano bench with Jocko, comes from Texas. She was tall and good-looking as Texas women are, with tons of sparkling jewelry.

Jake said: "She's the only friend Ah have who's been to both mah marriages and all three of mah divorces."

Jocko said: "Do all your exes live in Texas?"

What nice people.

This is one convention that won't steer us wrong!

Teenage Waterfront Visitors Leave a Mess

Geese 001

Remember the goose family?

The goslings have grown up!

We know, it hurts to see the sun because we see it so seldom. But still, give a gander at this picture we snapped yesterday.

Geese 008

The baby geese are teenagers!

Unfortunately like all teenagers you have to clean up after them. We are sorry but somebody has to say this: The waterfront is awash in goose do-do.

Duck, duck.


Geese 010


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