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Bear Cub Grrrrrrr-ows, Develops Big Rear


Little Luna is getting big.

Buzz's prediction is coming true pretty fast! That shot above from Facebook today shows she is no longer the cute cuddly cub the Buffalo Zoo is banking on her being. (Don't click on this picture to donate. Please go to the zoo's site.)



Luna is developing that trademark pear-shaped polar bear rear. And look at those paws!

She will always be cute, but before you know it, she'll be working for Billy Fuccillo.

She'll be huge!!

Waterfront Tourists Stick Their Necks Out

Geese 005

The crowds of promenaders today at the Erie Basin Marina included this family of geese.

The geese purposefully walked a great length along the path -- at least from the Hatch to the battleship -- and didn't seem bothered at all by the people around them. But everyone stepped back to give them room.

Hahaaa... It is great how you can see the big birds' shadows.

Honk if you love geese!

Geese 004

Baby bear goes viral


Our cute baby polar bear is in the national spotlight!

Pursuant to Buzz's admiration of the bear, the site BuzzFeed posted an entire album of him! Her, we mean. The bear is a girl.

BuzzFeed's headline is: "The Buffalo Zoo Baby Polar Bear Is Unreasonably Cute."

Our favorite picture is up above. Look at that bear! Unbelievable!

Here are others:



And an armful of happy bear! This one was taken by Derek Gee at The Buffalo News.


As was this one.


Who can bear this bear? It will be terrible one of these days when she grows up and is all mean and growly and threatening to claw us. How can that happen? When right now she loves people so much?

Buzz echoes BuzzFeed.

Why do they have to grow?

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