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Downtown Buffalo Gallery Circling the Drain

Island 038

The subject is toilets.

Above is one picture of a picture Buzz took today of one photograph on display at the CEPA Gallery, in Buffalo's downtown Market Arcade building.

Someone pick up that paper!

Island 022

And take out the garbage, while you are at it..

Island 048

This masterpiece shows the tile we refer to as North Buffalo Bathroom.

Island 011

 Untidy bowl.

Island 017

We read the writing on the wall.

Island 006

Buzz should submit our masterful photograph from Black Rock a few days ago.

Island 024

OK, enough art appreciation. Time to get back to work.

Let's flush this toilet!

Exclusive Shots Of the New Marriott Bar

Island 001

The waterfront Marriott, all shiny and aromatic like a new car, has opened its new lobby bar and mini-eatery. You could almost call it a lunch counter, if you will forgive our old Woolworths terminology.

Oatmeal is $3.95 and salads with chicken and salmon and quinoa and whatnot run about $10. A placard said happy hour was 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. although there were no visible specials.  Glasses of wine were in the $7 to $8 range. You are in a hotel after all.

The menu board shows calorie count, something new and exotic to us outside of certain fast food places.

Here is Shelton Square, which we gossiped about before.

Island 009

And a nice little patio, here shot from inside.

Island 016

A window looks out on the Metro Rail.

Island 010

A cute reading library by the business center ...

Island 002

... has books on Frank Lloyd Wright and Forest Lawn Cemetery. Best of all is The Buffalo News' "Headlines and History," which we noted with approval was prominently displayed.

Island 008

How welcome, to see this new amenity downtown.

A happy hour, indeed!

A Secret Peek Inside the New Marriott


It’s rare to see a hotel in its infancy, and so Buzz was thrilled to be able to glimpse the as yet-unopened Marriott downtown by the Skyway across from The News. We gained access by going to a bake sale for St. Luke's Mission of Mercy being held by Philips Lytle, which has its offices in the new Marriott.

The bake sale was beautiful and the Marriott is too. It is like a new car! No hot sauce spills yet, just the unsullied aroma of construction.

There is a beautiful pool in the basement, its surface glassy and undisturbed. On the first floor, a mural when you walk in shows Shelton Square -- the Guaranty Building, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the turreted Erie County Savings Bank. That is Shelton Square in the postcard up above.

Just around the corner from Shelton Square is a snack bar. And a real bar, too! There were unopened boxes of glassware, and gleaming bottles of gin and vodka. A sweet sight, on this hectic afternoon, even if it was too early to have any. Back in the office, we excitedly told a co-worker what we had seen. She looked out the window to the spot we were describing.

And she sighed, “So near, so far.”

Buffalo Historian Jumps On Board Johnny Rzeznik's Bus

The other day, Buzz figured we had solved the mystery of what bus it was that Johnny Rzeznik took in Buffalo growing up. 

And sure enough!

Now, historian Martin Biniasz has come forward with a picture proving our discovery. Clearly visible near the bottom of the vintage sign is Rzeznik's old route, the now extinct No. 17 Broadway.

Bus sign

Biniasz is part of the team called Forgotten Bus Route. Oops, we mean Forgotten Buffalo. He helpfully provided this closeup of the sign.

Bus closeup

The wheels on this bus go round and round!

Where will it take us next?

BBC Filmmakers In Buffalo, On the Trail Of Bashar Issa

Zoo2 065

Two journalists working for the BBC were at the Statler last night, seeking information about Bashar Issa, who memorably owned the Statler for a spell a few years ago.

Buzz happened upon the journalists interviewing Howard, the guy we married. Howard was also involved in the Statler saga. Buzz made the case that maybe the filmmakers should interview us on the grounds that we somehow inherited Bashar Issa's jacket, which he left behind at the Statler, and now we wear it to the gym. The journalists laughed politely but declined to film us.

The filmmakers, Ben Lewis and Sarah Robinson, will be in Buffalo for the next few days as they look into Issa's couple of years here. Issa's adventures continued after he left. We liked this colorful rundown of them in the British paper the Guardian.

Makes us think, in a way Issa did wind up being good for Buffalo. It appears he is good for our tourism.

How about a Bashar Issa Museum?

Grover Cleveland's Spirit Resurfaces in Nondescript Buffalo Building


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Grover Cleveland, pictured above, is everywhere!

After researching Cleveland and exploring the Western New York sites that figured in the lives of Cleveland and Millard Fillmore, Buzz was thrilled to learn about Grover's, the bar on Transit Road situated in the president's old hunting lodge.

Now we are delighted to report that Cleveland's restless spirit has reappeared, this time in a nondescript building at the corner of Linden Avenue and Summer Street.

A gentleman writes:

Grover Cleveland lived in the orange-brick house on the corner of Linwood and Summer -- it's a subsidized, low-profile multi-residential property now; I don't believe there's even a plaque on the outside (but surely there is something within the property to mention its former owner when he was mayor of Buffalo).

Anyway, when I used to live in the neighborhood I saw a soldier cutting the grass and keeping the shrubs trimmed, and because I was walking around the area taking pictures (it was one of those rare spring days of flat-out sunshine) the guy stopped me and told me to be sure to take a picture of the still stately-in-a-low-key-way house. He told me he was from the Army Corps of Engineers, and among the oddball things the outfit does is maintain Grover Cleveland's former home in Buffalo.

How interesting! That Cleveland lived in that house, and that the Army Corps of Engineers maintains the place. These are certainly things to chew on.

Along with, of course, our Groverburger.

Law Office Dons Its Gay Yuletide Apparel

Xnow 024

A big Wassail Award to the law offices of Doran and Murphy at 1234 Delaware Ave. When it comes to Christmas spirit, this office has other law offices licked.

Making your columns into peppermint candy sticks is such an obvious idea, but a rare sight.

Buzz took this fleeting picture from the bus, which we took to be safe in the snow. That is the bad news for Doran and Murphy. No personal injury business from us, at least not today.

All the same, they have our admiration!

The Five Critters You Meet In Kleinhans

Act your age, not your shoe size, as our teachers used to tell us. But still. Buzz had to crack up at Kleinhans Music Hall, seeing these critters at the recent Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra kids' show.

Elmo tried to cajole our niece, Barbara, into posing with him. No go.

Sunset 010

Elmo had better luck with Barbara's dad.


Sunset 008

Parents all wanted to get their pictures taken with Elmo! What was with that? This is supposed to be for the kids and the grown-ups are having the good time.

We loved these creatures standing by the stairs.

Sunset 005

We loved seeing Matthew Kraemer, the BPO's Associate Conductor, in a chicken suit. That alone, you have to figure, is worth the price of admission.

And the best was, we saw Mickey Mouse walking into the Mary Seaton Room, looking sweaty and exhausted, taking off his giant Mickey Mouse head. Ha, ha! We wish we had gotten a picture of that.

Some things never grow old!

Discovery Behind Central Terminal Adds Greatly to Historical Value

Christopher Byrd of Broadway Fillmore Alive posted this picture on Facebook and we do not think he would mind us sharing it.


He writes: "Final resting place for WBEN mobile unit ... behind Central Terminal."

What a find!

Generally Chris ends his reports on the East Side by writing: "Alive!"

In this case, he'll have to write: "Dead!"


Western New York's Most Challenging Parking

Ub 002

By Mary Kunz Goldman

Last night, heading out to UB to catch the extravaganza show by Sarah Brightman, Buzz timed things so we would get there an hour early. UB had sent out an advisory saying that there were a number of events going on at the same time, so allow extra time.

When UB sends out an advisory, things are bad! Because normally things are bad anyway and you get no advisory.

So, we get there, we basically park in Ohio. Way down near Millersport. It was pointless to try to get into any lots closer and what the heck, we needed the walk. On our trek to the Center For the Arts, we passed this beauteous police building pictured above. We had parked so far that we were seeing buildings we had not known existed!

Now comes the real adventure.

Because of deadline pressure we left the concert before the encore, "Time To Say Goodbye," was quite finished. We flew down the long, winding road from the Center for the Arts, past Augspurger Road, past the beauteous police building, down to the distant lot. At least we found our car. It was not like at the Erie County Fair. But --

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