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The Lighter Side Of Lent


A funny Twitter trend, still going on, has people posting pictures of themselves getting their ashes, with the hashtag #Ashtag. Above is ours! That is Buzz in the lower right-hand corner, kneeling and awaiting our ashes.

Solemn as we look in the picture, we got some laughs, too, with our ashes. We went to Ash Wednesday Mass at St. Michael's Church downtown. This being Buffalo, after Mass ended, the stranger in the pew in front of us turned around and said hello.

"Don't you write for The News?" he asked.

And Buzz said yes, and introduced ourself, and said something silly like, "Happy Ash Wednesday."

And the guy gestures toward his forehead. And he says to us: "You've got something on your face."

Hahahahaha! An obvious joke, and yet we have never heard it before.

Happy Lent!

Prestigious Buffalo Church Auction Yields a Fine Forgery

IMAG2312 (1)

By Mary Kunz Goldman

Tragically, we don't have the Trinity Episcopal Church White Elephant Sale any more. We do, however, have the church's annual Snowflakes and Starlight Auction, which was Wednesday.

There was, to quote one friend of ours, "prodigious spending." She herself, coming to her senses the next afternoon, had to sit down and make a list of the "unnecessary objects" that had followed her home:

-- Five wallets with two micro coin purses (they were all in one lot)

-- An American Kestral wind chime, (that looked artisan made until we hung it up by the kitchen window and noticed the coin-sized made-in-China sticker)

-- a black and white photo of the yacht club that neither one of us has any affiliation with

 -- And the coup de grace ....

Continue reading "Prestigious Buffalo Church Auction Yields a Fine Forgery" ยป

Buffalo Photographer Shoots to National Fame

The cover story of Shutterbug magazine's February issue explores the artistry of Phil Pantano, Buffalo photographer.

Here is a portrait of the magazine, along with talented author Jim Corbran.


Buzz was, of course, on top of all this with our recognition last summer of Pantano's genius as manifested in his exhibit "The American Worker." He was able to capture deejay Anita West in a rare moment when she is not saying "Cheese!" How was Pantano able to do that? We are still wondering.

A party next Friday will celebrate Phil's achievements. There will be free snacks -- did we hear the words free snacks? -- and the Roaming Buffalo Food Truck will be on hand.

A toast to Phil Pantano, Shutterbug cover boy!

Counseling Agency Has Comic Touch

2013-08-23 river road 005

Stressed out? Depressed? Anxious? It might help just to walk past Brightside Counseling on River Road in North Tonawanda. You do not even have to walk in!

They really do look on the bright side!

In case you need a closeup:

2013-08-23 river road 003

The Ghost of AM&A's

We don't remember seeing these before!

Bigblue 005

This is on the back of the AM&A's building, on the west side of Washington Street, beneath the scaffolding that is over the sidewalk. The inscription on the left reads: "Ask the women who sew with Vogue."

Bigblue 018

Every once in a while you glimpse past glories.

You have to keep your eyes open!

Buffalo History, Abridged

A friend got this greeting card in the mail and Buzz is fascinated by it.

Click on it to blow it up and pore over it. Some of the things we have never heard of! Like Monroe Ginger Ale. All of a sudden we want some.

In a nutshell:

Card 002

Miller Time at the Albright-Knox


You had to love singer Cindy Miller, who kicked off The Buffalo News' Jazz at the Albright-Knox season yesterday.

She is such a card!

Cindy, pictured above in a photo by News photographer Sharon Cantillon, tossed off goofy joke after goofy joke. Buzz loved it. It reminds us of us. You throw stuff out there, see what sticks.

"I love the Albright-Knox, 'cause I don't have to wear socks!" scatted Miller, happy in her sandals.

She called Danny Hull, on drums, "a Hull of a drummer."

Good-naturedly, she plugged Milkie's, the jazz place on Elmwood and Utica run by Mike Milkie. "I drink the milk there," she cracked.

Acknowledging the applause, she bowed to the big crowd. "Thank you people, and dogs, and bichons..." she said.

Alas, the gallery's public art was not as appreciative. Cindy frowned at it. She said: "From these statues I get nothing."

A Rare, Rare Picture

As promised in today's Buzz column, here is the rare picture of deejay Anita West looking stressed, included in Phil Pantano's photo exhibit.


The way we are used to seeing Anita:




As Buzz promises in the paper today, Phil Pantano's exhibit is a rare chance to catch Anita West looking downcast. Clearly Phil Pantano is a man of genius.

Catch the exhibit while you can!

How bad a Monday can it be...

...  when you open The Buffalo News and see a headline reading:

"Rogue Priests Preside At Subterranean Services"

It is on page B2 of the print edition today (Monday). 

The story is about the parishioners at St. Ann's Church ...

St. ann's

... trying to keep the place from closing. "Ousted Parishioners Cling On In Basement," runs the main headline.

This story is heartbreaking.

But the headlines are great!

Local Priest Is Framed


Buzz was fascinated last night at the opening of photographer Phil Pantano's art exhibit, "The American Worker," at Main Street Studios.

It is so Buffalo! Up on those walls are people you know!

Adding to the fun, in Pantano's exhibit, they all look exhausted. He caught people in that magic and expressive moment when they have finished their shift but not yet opened a beer.

Above are George Thomas Apfel, chief engineer at Entercom, and his wife Anne, enjoying the show's opening last night.

In the center, in a frame, looking over their shoulders, is the Rev. Ted Jost.

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